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Here at the Sanctuary we love hosting fantastic, diverse and fun workshops and retreats

Fill out my Wufoo form! Upcoming Retreats and Workshops at the Sanctuary Thailand. The Sanctuary is pleased to be hosting the following events:. Connection with Fiona Soma September 2. Electric Heart September 4 - September 6. Kevin James and his partner Susana travel together and bring music wherever they go. An exciting, healing and powerful journey of discovering the mysteries of being human.

Awakening Creativity Retreat October Release the treasures of your fully-expressed essence through awakening your creative gifts. For our fantastic yoga teacher trainings click here. Here at the Sanctuary we love hosting fantastic, diverse and fun workshops and retreats perhaps we could host yours?

Host a Retreat. Yoga Teacher Trainings. I could work on the kitchen lovely! Food is delicious, … read more prepared with so much love, natural fresh ingredients from the garden! Pure life. All the environment is so sooooo beautiful. To watch the moon rising on the mountains is something I will never forget. Also to watch the bees on the small flowers every day.

There is beauty everywhere. I was super blessed to spend my birthday there, having meditation, mantras, special lunch, dance party and a sky fulfilled with stars, as of my heart was is still fulfilled with Love. I thank every minute, person, creature, moment of this wonderful experience: Breathing in love, letting go of everything that is not love. Looking forward to coming back. With Love, Bela.

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We have been so blessed to have Silva serving with us for the past two weeks! She was a true and beautiful light in our community and was of great help. Working alongside residents here, Silva beautified our spaces by filling them with flowers, plants and herbs. She always brought a bright and cheerful attitude to any project she was working on; … read more and had a true willingness to participate in our Cooperative Community.

We highly recommend her for any and all hosts! Hope to see you soon Silva! Left by Workawayer Silva for host. Thank you for having me and allowing me to be part of your wonderful community. You are beautiful people. Neila was a very nice and helpful volunteer. We were grateful for her nice attitude and kindness.

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We hope to see her again soon. And highly recommend her for any project. Left by Workawayer Neila for host. I only spent 6 days at the Ashram. I mostly helped in the kitchen. The place is very beautiful, and most people I got to talk to were very nice, friendly and helpful.

I had a great talk with Powder Bruno. It was a pleasure to end my workaway in such a peaceful place. Diego was a phenomenal help to our community! He was eager to contribute and participate from the first moment that he entered in. Whatever task he was given he was more than happy to accomplish it with a great attitude. He was truly a friend to all and all here and he will be missed. Diego was especially helpful in our gardens! He shared … read more many ideas with our team for ways to improve and make our project more efficient and beautiful Thanks Diego!

Left by Workawayer Diego for host. The temple is an inspiring experience! I had the great pleasure to spend two weeks working there with my sister, the way the threat us was welcoming since the very beginning. Different from other experiences in communities I could feel their genuine desire to get yo know us and understand our moment in life to provide us the best of what they … read more have to offer! You can feel love in each interaction and see in their eyes the effort to be a better human being every moment of their life.

I am pretty sure this was a life changed experience and i hope many more can feel their love! Lorena was a fantastic volunteer to have. She came with a great attitude a wealth of knowledge. She was friendly and caring and a beautiful part of our community during her time here. We were very happy to have her here and hope to see her again soon! Much love Lorena! Left by Workawayer Lorena for host. I had a beautiful experience :. Left by Workawayer Audrey for host. This is a long overdue feedback I spent 2 wonderful weeks discovering how to co-exist with the Ashram community.

This experience was really rewarding and fulfilling. This is without any doubt a welcoming, safe, and spiritual place that allows you internal growth. The tasks asked were simple and connected to nature and life: 4h in the morning … read more my tasks varied from gardening, raking, cooking, cleaning, picking fruits and juicing it for the community, or assisting whomever needed help. Everybody there expressed how thankful they were for the volunteers help and shared openly their knowledge and experience.

As volunteers, we also had the wonderful opportunity to participate to the daily activities of meditating, mantra singing, eating the delicious raw food prepared each day, practicing yoga or using the library. The afternoons and weekends were free. It was a wonderful experience for my part, in a beautiful and peaceful environment, and I received so much more than expected.

I highly wish to anyone to experience this at least once in their lifetime. It's been a beautiful gift to have Yani with us, she brings a natural harmony that extends in her relationships and everything she puts her being. Pure heart. Always helpful and willing to receive, she touched the heart of all of us. Thank you so much for all your love and joy, for your openness and recognition of the light! Ha sido un regalo … read more hermoso tener a Yani con nosotros, trae consigo una armonia natural que se extiende en sus relaciones y en todo en lo que pone su ser.

Left by Workawayer Yanina for host. No tengo palabras para agradecer tanto amor, … read more tanta contencion, tanto aprendizaje. En cada uno de ellos encontre um hermano, um maestro, un espejo.. Gracias infinitas!! Bendiciones hermanos espero verlos pronto. Thank you Dan for the time you spent at the Temple. You were so very helpful and bright and we are grateful for all that you brought to our community while you were here.

Your honesty and heartfelt appreciation of our space was truly beautiful. Safe travels on your journey! Left by Workawayer Daniel for host. I had a beautiful time here at the start of my travels around South America. Having never stayed with a spiritual community I was unaware what to expect and had a very positive experience.

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The community is extremely welcoming with a genuine concern for the well being of their volunteers and a curiosity about our stories and what had bought us … read more there. As volunteers we were invited to be as involved as we would like to be with the practices of meditation, yoga and studies and we were even given flexibility with regards to the diet that the community follows a lot of super yummy raw vegan food!

The tasks were varied, fun and satisfying; from gardening, building projects, cooking and helping around some of the resident's houses. The site is stunning and the practice of general quiet and calm allows for this peaceful place to truly be a place to reflect on one's own life and take influence from the community and the way in which they live their lives. Thank you so much to you all for this wonderful experience much love and light : x x x.

Left by Workawayer Valentina for host. This is definitely an extraordinary place, I feel like attracting extraordinary people! I stayed here two weeks in company of one to seven volunteers of highest diversity, undertaking fun activities, having deep talks and quality-time for myself. Surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, as well as beautiful resting places it's just perfect for … read more either, and you have plenty of free time to enjoy it.

Juliana and Aaron are super sweet, all about taking good care of us volunteers and solving any problems we might have even getying back a wallet that was lost for 2 weeks. Jobs are easy and variable and everyone is very respectful concerning working time. I loved the joint healthy lunch full of freshly harvested green. Although it took me a little to really get in touch with the residents and to understand how the place works, it was definately worth it.

If you're open and eager to learn seeing life and yourself with different eyes, this is an amazing experience. Just before leaving I understood why I had to come Thank you! Amazing experience. Beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls. Great for relaxing, stargazing It's difficult to put it on words, sorry. I had a good time with the other volunteers and with the residents. One of the most beautiful places I've ever been Powder and Alice. We spent 10 days in this wonderful place.

The place is quite remote, but it is totally worth the effort of getting there. The community is composed by aproximately 40 people, of course we did not have the time to talk to everyone. But those we exchanged with were very nice : the community follows the preachments of Adi Da and it was interesting … read more to hear their point of view, it is important to say that we didn't feel we had to join if we didn't feel like it, and we think this tolerance is really positive.

For example, the community has a strict diet rule, but this is not reflected on the volunteers'one, which have a more diverse one. OK, you do not get meat, but you'll get basic food like fruits, eggs, butter, vegetables, bread, rice etc.. Moreover, the work is diverse from day to day, and they'll try to make you work in the areas that you prefer. So we were often working in the gardens : Depending on the team of volunteers present at the moment of your stay you can meet really interesting people.

Left by Workawayer William for host. I stayed only for 10 days in the temple, but it was a very interesting experience for me. I could see people living in a different way, sharing love and spirituality. I didn't understand everything about the spirituality because I think I needed more time for it, but it was possible to understand a little bit. It was the first time I ate raw food … read more like seeds with sprouts which were a bit exotic, but very tasteful.

The tasks are performed in groups and are different every day what makes them enjoyable. People are very kind and it's possible to learn a lot about other cultures since most of them are foreigners. The place is really into the nature with a lake and beautiful waterfalls. I had a good time there. It's an amazing place to meet people, get to know the nature around it and enjoy fresh and organic food every day.

At the Temple we were able to practise yoga, scape from the busy London and share experiences with the residents. The service was very varied and by 12pm you are finished! We really hope to visit again soon : A big warm thanks to all the residents and the volunteers we met, specially to Pablo at Julianna. Lots of love. What an unforgettable experience we had during our week spent at the temple. We wish we could have stayed longer at this magical place. The people, the place, the feeling you get as soon as enter has left a long lasting imprint in our minds.

The setting is stunning, the work is varied and your specific skills are taken into consideration. I … read more loved painting the house and the time flies, it doesn't really feel like work, it was a pleasure spend the time with other residents and volunteers. The people are so warm and willing to share their ideas and way of living with the volunteers which helps you gain a truly well rounded perspective and appreciation for the success they have as a community. We loved the morning yoga with Penny!! The guest house and rooms are well equipt and comfortable. The other volunteers were such a pleasure to meet.

Time off spent exploring the stunning waterfalls near by or relaxing with a book in the hammock A special thanks to Pablo for being an all round great guy :. Thank you to everyone we met All love. Harriet and Terry. Left by Workawayer Gaia for host. I can't believe I stayed here for only two weeks? It feels like a life time! This place has changed my view on life completely and I am so grateful for everything you guys have taught me. Thank you for the beautiful surroundings, thank you for the incredible good food, thank you for the yoga classes and the everyday work.

But most … read more important thank you for the love. This place flows with love and it is so beautiful! I can't believe this place exist. It is like an utopia, a miracle. I hope to see you again one day in the future! Left by Workawayer Mehdi-Yann for host. I had a wonderful time working in this community! Everybody was so loving and welcoming, i hope i could come back one day, thank you everyone from there!! Left by Workawayer Emerson for host. Thank you guys for everything. It was a big pleasure to meet all of you. Thank you for all the love, kindness, knowledge, talks, breakfasts and beautiful smiles.

I really had a nice time. The workshop is so cool and the lunchs were amazing with quality food. The works were very relaxing and enjoying. Wish you all the best. Left by Workawayer Ksenija for host. Left by Workawayer Tatiana for host. Beautiful experience here. To be welcomed into such a loving community of people was such a great feeling, especially having been backpacking for a few months.

A home away from home with varient, but easy jobs. Grateful to have spent two weeks with them. I will try to bring the things I learned about loving myself, and loving others unconditionally with me where ever I go. Thank you. Left by Workawayer Rebeca for host. This is a wonderful community, it's a place where you will be uplifted and learn just how simple it is to be kind to others and to do the best you can do.

I was inspired by the folks there to show love and kindness in every interaction, to eat naturally and to be good to my body, and to always work on the person I want to be. There are many … read more opportunities for meditation, reading, praying, singing. Left by Workawayer Luke for host.

My stay with the host has been a great, enriching experience. The residents and also fellow volunteers were all very friendly and interesting people from all around the world, that helped me grow as a person. The chores was well organized, varied and flexible based on your skills and preferences. Accommodation and food were also wonderful with … read more each volunteer having their own room. And of course you have beautiful nature and places to explore.

The place is a bit off the beaten path and might take slightly longer to get to, but very well worth it. Thank you to Alice, Pablo and all the other residents for making me feel at home during my two weeks visit. Wow, what can we say. Words do not do justice for what a great experience our time here was. The location is beautiful, everyone in the community is so lovely.

We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of this magical place. We would love to have spent longer here and really hope one day we have the opportunity to return. A big thank … read more you to Alice and Pale and all the other residents for making us feel so welcome and for everyone for being so grateful for the work we did. Thank you, big hugs Jade and John xx. The experience in the Temple was unique. I had great time living in that place: people of the community are always smiling, the volounteers became some of my best friends and the location in the middle of the nature was perfect, surrounded by amazing landscapes.

Alice and Pablo are always helpfull, the food is delicious and, one day, I and the … read more other volounteers prepared pizza for everyone, we had a great lunch! Thanks for this amazing experience! This post will be just a confirmation of what you can find in the below comments. THe Temple is a very peaceful place, where you can slow down, think about yourself and about surrounding world. People are very friendly, work isn't hard, food is delicious! Definitely a place to apply to : In the neighborhood you will a hill to climb on, nearby … read more villages to explore and beautiful waterfalls.

The place is clean and very organized. We enjoyed our stay there very much and we already regret we didn't stay a little longer. Thanks guys!!! Left by Workawayer victor for host. I had an amazing experience here at the temple! Alice Pablo and trinity took good care of us, volunteer.

All the residents are super nice and welcoming and I had a lot off pleasure working with Pablo, Peter, John and many others. You just have to help in the morning and enjoy the peacefulness of the place during the rest off the day! Furthermore, … read more tasks is well organized and food is amazing!

Left by Workawayer Mario for host. More than 3 months passed since I left here Until this moment I wasn't able to try to put in words this "life rejoin experience". Maybe that is what I wanted to say: This place is not a place to "change your life" but to "meet it again", so pure, so vivid, that I felt my remembers weightless and non-important. Be ready to forget what you … read more think "you are" 'cause you aren't that and this place can show it to you.

Thanks to all the residents for giving us this opportunity and acceptance, to my dearly loved volunteering group for their constant support, and to the Monjolo people for being really friendly with an "outsider". Thank you!! Left by Workawayer Sindy Raffaella for host. My stay here was really the best start I could have for my vocation in Brazil. Not only the people you meet in this community are unique, also the group experience with the other volunteers was an unforgettable adventure.

I try from day to day and since then amazing things happened to me. So much happened during our month here, it's hard to put it into words. We can only say that It was truly, a beautiful experience, filed with love and unique moments. The place is absolutely stunning, and perfect to water the seeds of tranquility. We are deeply grateful to have met … read more so many wonderful people at here,and within our group we created friendships that will surely last a lifetime. The work was excellent too, we worked the right amount of hours and every resident was concerned with our wellbeing.

We always felt cared for, and more importantly, they made sure that we were given jobs that we enjoyed. We had so much fun! Thank you for letting us be part of your community for a while and to really experience the collective spirit. Thank you for your kindness and your love during everyday of our stay. We hope to see you all again, but if we don't, the feeling of non-separation prevails, there's "no coming and no going", we are always together as one spirit. And a special thank you to Trinity, Pablo and Alice. You made our time there even brighter.

A lotus to all of you. Left by Workawayer Zuzanna for host. This is a very special place. I had the best time there and learned a lot about myself. Thank you for the beautiful experience and memories. I will be back for sure! I highly recommend this place! Our dear Nisheetha. Not the standard year old for sure. Before she arrived here we weren't sure if she would blend in well with the other volunteers mostly somethings. We were wrong. Nisheetha was a whole part of the group.

We would find her 'hanging' in the couch in free time, participating in all activities, joking with the other … read more volunteers and loving them as they loved her. We saw a big transformation in her and are very grateful for how she opened her heart and embraced all of us. Her gratitude is touching! During service Nisheetha mainly helped us out in the kitchen. Thank you for everything you brought us Nisheetha, we love you! Left by Workawayer Nisheetha for host. This is a belated review There is not much what I can add, but yes: Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing the space where miracles can happen!

I have not met in my life 66 years a … read more group of people living together who are so genuine, so loving, straight forward, considerate, accepting, and caring! Though resistant in the beginning why all these hundreds of "thank yous" during the day The volunteer work scheme is well organized, great communication; I am sure, if you would have a special wish what to do or not to do, it would be accomodated Have you ever seen such a plethora of extra activities offered in a volunteer program?

No, right. Lunch cooked in the kitchen of the main house by residents and volunteers is just yummy! Breakfast and dinner volunteers have to prepare themselves with provisions from the host. Can be also fun, if you apply what you see in the group of residents to your volunteer group! Just go for it! The experience will change your life forever! Excellent workawayer! Excellent carpenter!! He did beautiful work, he is very focus and talented.

You are welcome to come back here any time. Thank you for all your help. Left by Workawayer Jyri for host. Very nice and loving people! Rooms, atmosphere and scenery is nice. As a carpenter, I got to do work that I enjoy doing. I am not very spiritual person, but it doesn't mind in here. It's interesting to learn that aspect of life as well. Highly recommended. Left by Workawayer Maria Ester for host. One of the most beautiful and life transforming experiences of my life!!

Ive met the most amazing people here and I really recommend everybody to try this for themselves. Left by Workawayer Fleur for host. I had a very special time with the host. The people were great, both the other volunteers and the residents! I learned a lot and this for me was the best start of my trip that I could have imagined! Everything is pretty well organized, there are lots of activities you can join and the work is good!

We enjoyed our time a lot! The people and the location are magical itself. A huge flow of positive energy is always present over there. Endless smiles and happiness. From the first day on everything was very organized and all our questions were answered. They made sure everyone understood everything and everyone shared a mutual respect. The … read more help was very nice as well. We did a lot of different things in those 2 weeks we stayed here. The tasks can also be physically demanding for example carrying wood and logs from one place to another , but in the end when it is lunch time you will be rewarded with plenty of good food and a jump in the lake or waterfalls.

Aside from the help that we do as volunteers there is the possibility to join a morning yoga session every morning except Sunday. Also they offer different workshops you can attend. The good thing is that you can basically attent from every walk of life. They will welcome you with open arms and the best thing is to go with the flow for those two lovely weeks that you will be staying there!

Left by Workawayer Alicia for host. Beautiful and peaceful experience. Highly recommended!!! Thank you everybody for sharing your souls and open us the doors of a very simple and healthy way of understanding and living. Lot of love and peace! Left by Workawayer Ella for host.

The energy of this project pulled me in and and connected me to some of the most amazing people i've ever met. There are no coincidences in life and this special experience goes above and beyond any words can describe. From the group of volunteers I lived along side in a sweet cosy house, to the residents in the community, welcoming me and wanting … read more to give me everything in the world, I am eternally grateful for the life long friends I have made and the lessons I have learnt in the short 2 week stay.

This is not a normal workaway job, yes you do 4 hours of varied work, from cooking, cleaning, gardening, building, but it doesn't feel like work when you are all contributing togehter for a greater purpose. A purpose that unites everyone together. The food was amazing, sharing breakfast and dinner with fellow volunteers and a massive community lunch was a highlight in the day. In the free time, there is so much on offer, yoga, dance, mantras, horse riding, re-birthing, discovering the beautiful nature and so much more. Everyday was a new journey to concur, there was ease, there was difficulty, beauty and confrontation, the deeper you look, the more you can discover, there really is no end, but all I can say is that you need to experience it for yourself.

My story is different from anyone else's. It was very hard to leave this magical place, but it is never good bye.

inspiring retreats and workshops at The Sanctuary Thailand (complete schedule)

I love every one there eternally, because we are all one. Thank you, Thank you, for the realest 2 weeks of my life. Thank you for everything everyone at the temple! Left by Workawayer Jonas for host. Dear workawayers, dear readers, words cannot describe the experiences I've made competly, but I want to try it. It was such a warm and old familiar feeling I have remembered, to be at a place with some people, who are accepting you and recognize you as a real human being or more if you want.

I carrierd some questions in my heart, which never … read more been answered by someone. There I realized, there are many ways to go in this world. To be able to listen to your heart is, to find true happiness and satisfaction in your life. And it works like a door: to open your heart for you and for others is, to be able to listen to it. So I went particulary through this and particulary through me, and the essential answears has been answered, in miraculous ways :. All in all, my stay about 4 weeks kicked me into life again, differently. I can feel, there is still a lot training to do and to question about, because I know that I dont know.

Rebecca, what a beautiful soul. Thank you so much for opening up and embracing here wholly. During service we saw that Rebecca had a very methodical, sharp mind. She was very diligent and saw the work that needed to be done. You could easily let her work independently, as she was very responsible and giving. She was happy to go the extra mile and … read more really helped us out, for example by welcoming the new volunteer group. We feel blessed to have witnessed you blossoming. Thank you for your love, joy and honesty! Left by Workawayer Rebecca for host. The time I spent here was incredible, and surpassed my expectations in every way!

What I thought was going to happen: I would volunteer, relax amongst the beautiful scenery, meet some cool and interesting people. What actually happened: all of the above, PLUS, I rediscovered things about myself that I'd forgotten I knew, I saw a way of living … read more that I though could only exist in my wildest dreams, I found the kindest and most genuine human beings I have ever known in my life, and had more fun than I ever thought possible.

Thank you, I love each and every one of you. They were easy going yet focused. They always worked hard, with a smile on their face. Sharif had a great sense of humour: a big guy with a big heart. He was very happy to use his strength for harder jobs, which was very useful to us. We saw him as a good role model, especially for our … read more youngest volunteer. He was very responsible and shared both his strength and sensitivity. Alexandra truly got the idea of selfless service and she really gave herself away in everything she did. We are very grateful to have witnessed her growth over the two weeks she was here.

They both gave a lot of time outside volunteer time to plan a lesson at school. They taught the kids about what a pilgrimage is from different religious perspectives. They showed warmth and a good ability to communicate with the kids. We had a fantastic time volunteering here. Not to mention the other volunteers. We all got along so incredibly well and made a great success of the two weeks we spent here. It is safe to say that everyone walked … read more away at the end having added something substantial to their lives. Personally, we learned ways of being less taxing to the planet eating less meat for example amongst other things.

Others had a serious spiritual overhaul. The residents really went the extra mile to make our stay unforgettable; they took us for hikes, cooked for us, organised movie night and offered both listening and advice to everyone. Big thanks to James, Alice, Trinity, Ananda and everyone else, there are too many to mention! The idea of living by exchanging services and items, rather than by using money, was something we wanted to try for a long time and we loved it.

Our only expense was on the fantastic cookies from the cafe and those earnings went to funding a higher education for a girl from the village. All in all, we recommend this place if you are open-minded and want to have a fantastic two weeks. They were such a beautiful addition to the volunteer group. They were happy, willing, grounded and approached all aspects of life here with enthusiasm and gratitude. They both gave everything during service, being highly focused and reliable.

They brought an air of diligence and calmness to all the work … read more they did. Pedro was very methodical and Lili had a winning smile and big heart. They had the gift to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. We hope to see you again here. Thank you for everything!

Our job was to work 4 hours a day helping in anything they needed to keep the place clean and working properly: to cook, rake, mow the grass, help with construction, paint walls, clean, etc. But it is much more than working in exchange for … read more food and learning some new stuff. This place is full of people with the purpose to spread love, and since you arrive there they will treat you very well, with an excellent structure and dedication to offer the volunteers the opportunity to have contact with activities that are good for their bodies, health and soul.

Because, first of all and beyond any religion, they talk about the human being. About our instincts and judgments, and mainly how and why we should try to act different, in a more conscious way. It was an amazing experience, we met really nice people living and volunteering there. Thank you very much for this opportunity! Deborah was a happy, gentle, warm and considerate volunteer.

It was so easy to be around her. She gave herself wholly to whatever work she was doing and she happily worked beyond service time to help us out. We felt like she genuinely cared about everyone around her. Deborah conquered our hearts with her laugh. She really opened up and we feel … read more blessed to have witnessed her becoming more happy and free every day. All our love sweet Deborah, thank you! Left by Workawayer Deborah for host. My time there was incredible. They are everything that they write here and so much more.

They are so kind and generous and they give you so much more than you ever could with your 4 hour volunteer days. The work goes by so quickly and there are many opportunities to … read more learn new skills as they are usually building or adding on to their houses.

When I was there they even began constructing a bridge. There is easier work too, such as raking and working in the kitchen. In addition to fresh food for every meal and a place to stay, they offer much more from yoga or chi gong class every morning to kung fu and african dance class to Sunday movie night. The food is so delicious, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed every single meal that I had there in the two weeks that I stayed. Thank you so much to everyone there, I love you all ;. Nezahat was a very energetic, determined volunteer who eagerly jumped in immediately to the service.

She was very eager and we saw a lot of willingness in her. She always walked around with a big smile on her face. Thank you Nezahat for joining us here. This is an amazing place and I am very grateful to all comunity.. What a good chance for me to stay there two weeks.. It is very hard to explain or review it shortly. This voluntaeering experience helped me with feelings, spiritually, … read more daily life and learning east asia activities etc. It was my first workway experience while travelling for 6 months in South America. I felt like at home and safe there.

I changed in good way after learning persisting love and forgiveness and I am happier after experiencing forgiveness. This is a good choice for persons love nature and hiking activities. You can open your eyes hearing sounds of birds. The place is surrounded by beatiful places such as waterfalls. Thank you James we visited waterfalls on Sundays and discovered many waterfalls.

I had my own room and we lived in guest house with kitchen and we spent good times around chimney. I woke up around to exercise daily yoga, chi kung activities. After morning activity We had breakfast with other voluntaeers at kitchen. Around we were ready to hear our daily voluntaeer work. The work was simple and it changed everyday.

Somedays I worked at garden somedays at kitchen etc.. We had lunch all together after work. I loved also such other activities biodance, flow art, kung fu, re-birthing etc afternoos. I tried to join all activities and learned much and I am thankful to Christian, James, Alice, Ananda…I was happy to work there.

I felt like a valuable person because all comunity were very kind and gave importance to my feeling and respect to my religion. I am highly recommend here to everybody. Also on my way I explained and recommend to many travellers. Sweet Judith, what a treat it was to host you.

Having Judith around felt very comforting and safe. Whether working with her in the kitchen, or interacting with the other volunteers in the group, we could always count on Judith and knew that things would get done with her support. She was very open and receptive to our way of living. Thinking back … read more about her puts a big smile on our faces. She gave everything with a great sense of humour and a lot of love and care for everyone. Gracias por todo!! During the first meeting i shared, while someone was talking i was surprised by the sound of a whisper.

This project, to me, was a gift. I spent two week in the volunteer program —wishing to stay longer- and i had the opportunity to … read more confirm that love is the answer, and that it is possible to put the answer in action. Love, service and forgiveness, here, are not only words. They do that. They give that. Emotion here are running high. When i bring this place to my mind something i do very often i feel —yes, in present time- the people i met, the residents and the volunteers.

The residents looked after us, the volunteers, with love, generosity and respect of the differences. The activities they offer are multiple, between other: chi kung, yoga, meditation, rebirthing terapy, flow arts. We shared hiking day to the caves and waterfalls, a sunset in the mountain, a horse ride, a bonfire, a visit to some neighbours. We played music, we danced, and we laughed. Something i really enjoyed was that, in ST, you can hear a lot of laughter. I had the ineffable opportunity to talk with many of the residents, that gave me the possibility to open my points of view and to share my own perspective, my concerns, my doubts, my critics.

Yes, here emotion are running high. For me that means: being alive. Thank you, thank you. Alex is a very intelligent and focused person. He has a calm nature, is very open, honest and articulate. During service he was very focused and happy to work independently. Alex was a very beautiful addition to the volunteer group: always present but never calling attention to himself. We really enjoyed hosting you Alex, thank you for everything! Left by Workawayer Alexander for host. Beautiful place and great people! It was my first Workaway experience and it was magnificent.

The community is really open and all the people there were friendly and helpful. They really care about workawayers: spend time with them and make various activities, so you don't feel like a free labor force. If you have chance, visit them and you won't … read more regret! Info notice: Workawayer cancelled stay or there was a no show at the last minute. Our dear Laetitia. What a pleasure it was to host her! She opened her heart from day one, radiating happiness and gratitude. She was great to have around, and she played an important part within the volunteer group as she was easy to have around, got along with everyone and was very happy to help out where needed.

Laetitia was very committed, … read more focused and enthusiastic during her two weeks of volunteering with us. She was a great worker and brought her own creativity and ideas. Thank you for your love and your smiles Laetitia. We are very grateful to have met you and loved having you here. Left by Workawayer Laetitia for host.

Thank you so much! You are an awesome community. To all the workawayers: you have to be there. I've learned so much and i had the best time ever : much love to all of you!!!! Vivian, what a superstar.

Come help in our community for various projects in Sao Paulo, Brazil

She would arrive early for service every morning, greeting everyone and getting started happily by herself. When she has an idea, she acts on it. Vivian also took time out of her free time to plan a lesson with other volunteers. They acted a play out about trust and forgiveness, which the children greatly enjoyed. She performs magic in the kitchen and loves to give and share, including outside volunteer hours.

Thank you beautiful Vivian for everything you shared with us. It was a delight to have you here and we wish you all the best in your travels and studies. Lots of love! Left by Workawayer Vivian for host. Thank you Alice, Christian, James, and everyone else for an unforgettable start to my adventure in Brazil. I was spoiled with my own room in the cozy Guest House, fresh-baked bread, wholesome cooking, nature, and great company. Seriously, when the milk is delivered by motorbike, it's still warm from the cows' udders.

As I worked with different … read more residents, I got to know them and their role in this unique community. I learned not only about a more spiritual way of living, but also about yoga, chi kung, meditation, and food. Everyone has different tasks, they aren't hard, and everything here was very organized. I had so much fun working in the kitchen. Residents and other volunteers taught me how to bake bread, make curries from scratch, crepes, empanadas.. I also had the privilege of visiting the local primary school.

A few volunteers collaborated with James to put on a skit about forgiveness for the children, resulting in many laughs and good memories. Go if you like new experiences and lots of love! It was a great pleasure to host our beautiful Parbinder. You would always find her working with a big smile on her face. She was great at working independently, following instructions and even improving them. Easy going, focused and open minded, she would see the work that needed to be done and happily took on any job.

Parbinder also took time out … read more of her free time to plan a lesson with other volunteers. She had a great way with the kids and we thank her for this valuable lesson. She is all give, pure heart and the funniest when she starts sharing stories. Her innocence and sweet, gentle nature made our hearts melt. Any host would be lucky to have her. Left by Workawayer Parbinder for host. What an awesome workaway experience! Thank you to all the residents for making us volunteers feel so comfortable and at ease. You guys put in so much effort into the volunteer program and it really shows!

The place is so stunning and beautiful, so many places to hike and just enjoy nature. Make sure you come prepared for the winter months June, … read more July, August , it can get really cold. I slept with 5 blankets haha. The exchange is very fair, only 4 hours of work, 5 days a week. I mostly chopped vegetables in the kitchen and cleaned different parts of the project toilets, meditation room, workshop, etc. They offer many classes such as yoga, chi kong, Kung fu, just to name a few. The spirituality aspect is new to me and may not be everyone's cup of tea.

However, as long as you keep an open mind and heart, you will truly reap the benefits of this beautiful place.