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Reviewer: ajcg - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 26, Subject: Great reading! I don't know about you first reviewer, but I totally loved the reading. My thanks to Alcmaeonid for providing that link. The Project Gutenberg version I used also claimed to be "complete". I would undoubtedly switch translations if I carried out my original plan of recording Books next year.

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They are not to be brought up in ignorance and kept to housework: Nature means them to think, to will, to love to cultivate their minds as well as their persons; she puts these weapons in their hands to make up for their lack of strength and to enable them to direct the strength of men.

The Confessions of J. J. Rousseau — Volume 07

The stages below are those associated with males. Stage 1: Infancy birth to two years. The first stage is infancy, from birth to about two years. Book I. Infancy finishes with the weaning of the child. The only habit the child should be allowed to acquire is to contract none… Prepare in good time form the reign of freedom and the exercise of his powers, by allowing his body its natural habits and accustoming him always to be his own master and follow the dictates of his will as soon as he has a will of his own.

The purpose of education at this stage is to develop physical qualities and particularly senses, but not minds. Stage 3: Pre-adolescence The urge for activity now takes a mental form; there is greater capacity for sustained attention Boyd The educator has to respond accordingly. Our real teachers are experience and emotion, and man will never learn what befits a man except under its own conditions.

My whole book is one continued argument in support of this fundamental principle of education. Everyman edn: ; Boyd: Stage 4: Puberty There is to be a gradual entry into community life Boyd Stage 5: Adulthood He learns about love, and is ready to return to society, proof, Rousseau hopes, after such a lengthy preparation, against its corrupting influences.

This last book includes a substantial section concerning the education of woman.


Rousseau subscribes to a view that sex differences go deep and are complementary — and that education must take account of this. After the age of ten there is a concern with adornment and the arts of pleasing; religion; and the training of reason. Rousseau then goes on to sum her qualities as a result of this schooling Yet Rousseau can be presented at the same time as deeply individualist, and as controlling and pandering to popularist totalitarianism.

In psychology he looked to stage theory and essentialist notions concerning the sexes both of which continue to plague us yet did bring out the significance of difference and of the impact of the environment. In life he was difficult he was difficult to be around, and had problems relating to others, yet he gave glimpses of a rare connectedness. Rousseau, J-J. The essay that first established Rousseau. Translated with an introduction by M. Cranston edn. Said to be one of the most revolutionary documents to have come out of eighteenth-century Europe.

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Rousseau contends that primitive man is equal to his fellows because he can be independent of them, but as societies become more sophisticated, the strongest and most intelligent members of the community gain an unnatural advantage over their weaker brethren, and the constitutions set up to rectify these imbalances through peace and justice in fact do nothing but perpetuate them. Story based on the relationship between Abelard and Heloise. Also available in edition translated and annotated by Allan Bloom edn. Translated and introduced by Maurice Cranston.

Also first published in Masters and Christopher Kelly ; tran slated by Judith R.

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Bush, Christopher Kelly, and Roger D. Extraordinary reading. Translated with an introduction by P. France, London: Penguin. Unfinished series of reflections combining argument with anecdote and description. Books on Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

There is a large number of books to choose from especially you are fluent in French! Listed here you will find those books we have found most useful in putting together this page:. Boyd, W. Boyd does a good job in cutting down the book to its central elements for educators — and provides a very helpful epilogue on natural education and national education. Cranston, M. The standard English language treatment of Rousseau in three volumes. Wonderful stuff.

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Grimsley, R. Chapters on society; nature; the psychological and moral development of the individual; religion; political theory; aesthetic ideas; and the problem of personal existence. Mason, J. Good overview of Rousseau plus a good selection of extracts from his work. Masters, R.

Wokler, R. See, also, P. Smith, L. Hampson, N. Good overview of key themes and contexts — and how these informed romanticism and later revolutionary crises.

Barry, B. Bloom, A.

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