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A lot of leaders often compromise what they want to do because of fear of the backlash of their core members. If you think your church is contemporary, just check out the current Top My guess? I mean some times, for sure it is. But I see so many leaders who love God, love people, are faithful, attract some new worshippers, but never seem to grow. Only God can do that.

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But you can position your church to grow. You can knock down the barriers that keep you from growing. You can learn more and gain instant access to the course today. At Pentecost everyone heard the message in their own language. And meanwhile, since we all need to be stretched and learn to make room for the preferences of others, could it not be that we each give up our ideas of what would make us happy at church, give up our expectations and be willing to listen to a mixture of music styles from a variety of cultures?

Could we not all make room each Sunday for a variety of music styles? Hymns for me, songs, rap, Asian, African and so on, styles for them? Words filtering up to Him that at least try to bring Him honour and glory, sung and led by those whose lives also honour Him, must be a sweet perfume. Hymns mostly put me in a better frame of Mind to worship God than Christian rock and rap however, since my Lord and my God are breathtakingly Creative, it is to my benefit to be stretched and challenged by diverse styles, forms, cultures and people.

Paul speaks of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, and the instruments of the day were varied. Verse by verse, book by book expositional teaching is my favorite way of learning and I think the safest way of keeping the preacher from speaking personal opinions or visiting personal favourites or running from dreaded passages. I digress. It takes a mature church to do this. People who are willing to let go of their desires. Willing to serve others by giving up their idea of perfect church. Willing to experience God anew. Music is just another language enabling us to bow before our Creative King in another creative way.

When we refuse to unite in this way at church, when we worship only with those who look and think and smell and sound like us, we miss out on Who God is. We miss out on so much of Our ABBA, when we huddle together only in our little comfy-zone groups of people with whom we agree. We need our tribe. Of course we do. But we also need to step out of the comfy zone. If we are not willing to do that within the church, how are we going to do the scary, intimidating work of sharing Christ with everyone we meet and giving up our lives for the making of disciples?

Want to grow spiritually? Want deeper communion with our Saviour? Ask Him to help you get out of the way so He can do His work in you. Ask God daily to bring into your life, people who look and sound different from you and who worship God differently so you can learn more about Who He is. I agree. We are to go out and make disciples, and In small groups meet together regularly to build one another up in Biblical Truth. To be poured into and then go OUT of that group and pour into the lives of our neighbors and communities. Thanks for the article and ideas.

May God convict and grow us each as we try to do a better job of communicating The Good News by loving God first with heart mind and soul and then loving our neighbor as ourself. Who is my neighbor? How can I be Christ to her? How might I serve this person made in The Image of God, just like me. Messed up. Just like me. I think that a good sign that it is geared to insiders is that no one is bringing new people in. They are content with who is there and have no desire to invite anyone who might muddie the works.

At the same time I looked over and saw a few guys that were regular members looking over at them and laughing with each other, instead of going over and making them feel welcome Those two guys already looked unsure of themselves, and they noticed those guys. After a few minutes they got up and left and I never saw them again. The bible says that so I agree with whatever Gods word says. But all people should be accepted in church, and what better place for them to be? The Great commission, Go out and make disciples.

We the people, the congregation are the ones to go out. Salvation is a process until we die. Phil Siebert: Let me see if I understand your church model correctly. Your model sounds like a colony of termites……but they at least have a common plan of action and carry it out very well — eating anything that is wooden and reproducing baby termites.

Even the day after Pentecost, people were meeting in homes edifices , sharing meals utilities , singing psalms and spiritual songs listening to the apostles leadership , and changing their world. Our only problem now is lay people who claim to love Jesus, but do not have enough love for other people to go out and tell them about a risen savior who died and rose again for them — which is the exact problem Carey Nieuwhof has described.

Long gone are the days when non-Christians will just walk into your church. The problem is that people struggle with the latter.

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Church should be about empowering people to do that, not an outreach tool. Sure it does. May this never happen to me or you. I agree Jonathan. It is to be the place where the Spiritual guiftings are to be administered and recieved, where church discipline is to be practiced see 1 Corinthians Chapters 5 and chapter 6 and our place of community. Am I the only one who thinks everything Carey says has nothing to do with the great commission and everything to do with catering to a pastors ego?

Not yours.

Biblical teaching, honest worship, making disciples to GO and minister to others. The pastors job is to teach the word in truth and love. All your ideas are a waste of internet space.

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I agree! Why are we even trying to get church attendance to ? I disagree with the ogoal rational. No one talks to new comers in the foyer before or after service, especially leadership. Everyone talks to the circle of friends instead. My experience is that is the best chance to start relationship and give opportunity for further connecting. Good artice.


When peole are not inviting friends there could be lots of reasons. Church has become an insider club by default and the regulars just hang in there doing the same old same old. A good exercise might be to ask the existing members why they dont invite friends. Some may be perceptive enough to see and explain areas of disconnect between the church and the real world out there. Although I try not to judge a book by its cover, I can often get an accurate sense of how insider focused a church is before even walking through the doors by visiting their website.

As a former unchurched person, I always appreciate easily finding out what I am walking into before visiting an unfamiliar church. Inside the church a good indicator is how obvious is it for a new person to know what they should do or where they should go.

I think good signage helps, proactive volunteers are better, both are best. This is an area where fresh eyes really help. We know our buildings and where to go and whether or not the coffee is free, but for a first time person experiencing sensory overload from new sights and unfamiliar people talking even noticing a sign or a door that to us obviously leads to the auditorium or whatever your church calls it can be difficult. I appreciate what you wrote about long announcements. I recently have assumed the responsibility of doing the welcome and offering portions of our service and am still figuring out my rhythm and what will be most effective.

Just a good reminder to keep visitors in mind. I know when you try to talk about music people like to twist what you say into one style is better than the other, but this advice can be applied to way more than just music. Blogs about where our focus is are helpful to remind ourselves not to get stuck in between where we feel led to go and where we feel pressured to stay. Worship music can be a tricky subject because everyone has their own personal preference for type of music.

Why would God not want us to use our passion to create and perform all different kinds of music that honor Him? What is sad to me is to see a church band or choir play with no emotion or enthusiasm of any kind. Those must be the people that want to change and do something else but are too afraid to move.

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The music discussion okay, often argument can really be telling if we are insider focused or trying to reach people not going church. Those growing up in the church will likely adapt the style of music they like Monday-Saturday to the church stage because that is how they will authentically express their love of God. In your opinion, what would you suggest would be an appropriate length for announcements? Jane, who grew up Catholic, lost hers at 12 when she discovered her godfather, a priest, had been arrested for child sex abuse, and the church hid him in a monastery.

Amy and Shelley are lifelong non-believers, but they compare the Assembly favourably with the aggressive atheism of people such as Richard Dawkins. How would they feel if Richard Dawkins walked into the next meeting? But these are quibbles. The service is lovely. And, as I watch a couple of hundred people swaying and singing this classic anti-war song at the top of their voices, I find myself welling up. Some names have been changed. To find your nearest Sunday Assembly, visit sundayassembly. If you fancy setting up your own Sunday Assembly, go to tinyurl. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Topics Life and style Do Something creative. Religion Atheism features. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Names and amounts are never published for others to see. Confidentiality is maintained to avoid two spiritual problems: shaming the poor and elevating the rich.

James insisted that churches respect the poor James —5. VIP treatment—special seating, publishing names—violates the rule of not giving to be seen of men Matthew ; Acts — Jesus did not praise big offerings; He praised great faith Matthew ; Mark ; Luke Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. House to House Heart to Heart. Why do churches keep asking for money all the time?

Frankly, it turns me off and I think it does a lot of other people, too. In the church of Christ, guests are never expected to give. In the church of Christ, preachers are not in charge of the collection. Most preachers are conscientious and honest, so no disrespect is intended, but there are good reasons for elderships to handle contributions: Each mature New Testament congregation has a plurality of elders cf. Acts ; ; 1 Timothy , 17—19 , and when it comes to money, it is better to have more than one person involved.

This provides checks and balances, reduces temptation, and protects reputations. Elders, by virtue of meeting biblical qualifications, are judged by peers to be blameless men with good reputations and not greedy for dishonest gain or covetous 1 Timothy —7. Being older, they are likely wiser in using money; being secularly employed, they are often better paid and less tempted by money; and being out of the pulpit, they are not as often second-guessed or criticized. Acts In the church of Christ, giving is an infrequent sermon topic. In the church of Christ, no one ever receives a bill for contribution.

In the church of Christ, only one weekly offering is taken—without fanfare. The Pharisees had turned giving into theater, which He roundly criticized, saying, Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

Leave your wallet at home. Signs for the Times. Please enter your comment!