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Recipients will be expected to assist with the School's marketing efforts in the region. Award: Up to first year fees. Application format: Candidates who apply will be automatically considered for this award. Award: Up to first year fee. Award: First year fee. If there are no suitable female candidates, second preference will be for Chilean male MBA candidates. Award: One award covering full fees. Recipients of these awards are expected to contribute to the School's marketing efforts in the region. Application Format: All candidates will be considered automatically for this award.

Aim: The aim of the scholarship is to help increase the number of talented candidates joining the London Business School from those countries. Applicants with demonstrable financial need will also be given special consideration. An assessment of financial need may be carried out. Award: Full fees. Award: Multiple awards of varying amounts up to first year fee.

Application format: Candidates who apply in Rounds 1, 2 or 3 will be automatically considered for these awards. Award: One award of up to half fees. As well as the Scholarships that are awarded internally at London Business School, many external organisations offer scholarships or grants to students attending the School. Africa PDF document, 88kb. The Americas PDF document, kb. This website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users. This helps us to provide you with a good user experience and also allows us to improve our website. Save to my profile. Fees, financing and scholarships.

Fees, financing and scholarships Getting company support. Masters degrees. Scholarships We offer a wide range of scholarships.

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All these scholarships are subject to change without notice. Errera is a regular contributor to the Financial Times. In his 33 years at Royal Dutch Shell, Mr. Finlayson served in various technical and commercial roles and managed major business units in Africa, southeast Asia, the North Sea, Turkey, and Russia.

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Finlayson received a B. Previously, Dr. Friedman has served on 12 different boards of directors of public and private companies over the past 20 years. Ambassador Gillerman is chairman of Gillerman Global Ltd, a global strategic consulting firm. Jill A. Prior to September , Ms. She is based in Boston. Greenthal has advised and financed media companies for over 30 years, having worked in all sectors of the business.

Greenthal works closely with the global media and technology teams to assist in investments in those sectors. Johnson was Senior Vice President of Strategy at Dell Corporation, where he was responsible for software, corporate strategy, corporate development, and acquisition integration. Prior to joining Dell, Mr. Johnson received a B. Kaya focuses on developing business initiatives and advising Blackstone on potential transactions as well as helping to identify potential advisory opportunities in the region.

Before the merger of the two banks, Mr.

The Theory of Capital Structure

Kaya played a leading role in the formation of the Koc Holding -UniCredit partnership in Earlier in his career, he also held various senior positions in financial institutions and investor relations management at Yapi Kredi Bank. Currently, he is a member of the board of Securities Analyst Association of Japan, and he serves as a member of the advisory boards of several government-related bodies and institutions.

Kage received a B. John A. Magliano is a Senior Advisor to Blackstone. Prior to his retirement at the end of , Mr. Magliano oversaw Blackstone's partnership finance and accounting team. Magliano was also involved in other strategic planning projects for the firm.


Magliano was the owner of a consulting firm, where he worked with a large state pension fund, corporations, partnerships, and high net worth individuals. Prior to establishing his firm, Mr. Magliano was a partner with Arthur Andersen, where he spent approximately 20 years in the firm's tax division. Magliano received a BS in Accounting from St. John's University, where he graduated cum laude. Before becoming a Senior Advisor for Blackstone, Mr. Meyer was President of Tyco Flow Control, a manufacturing and distribution business with over 13, employees, operating in locations worldwide.

Prior to joining Tyco in , Mr.

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He also serves as Executive Chairman of Cala Capital, a small-cap private equity firm based in Belgium. In his 23 years at Schlumberger, Mr. Paul is the Founder and Managing Member of Thyra Global, a venture capital and private equity firm that invests in income-producing assets in the real estate and music publishing sectors. Prior to Thyra, Mr. Prior to asset management, he was part of the energy investment banking team at Schroders Plc.

Paul is the co-founder and chair of React to Film, and a long-time Trustee of the Museum of the Moving Image where he serves on the Executive Committee. He holds a BA from Columbia University. Quella was a Senior Managing Director and the Head of Portfolio Operations at Blackstone between and , where he led the performance improvement initiatives across all businesses and functions at the portfolio companies. Before that, Mr. He supported and managed various portfolio companies in addition to focusing on new company formation and new investments.

Reddy was part of the team that launched Foundation Medicine, and he has served as a Board Observer for Alnara pharmaceuticals, Rhythm pharmaceuticals and PanOptica pharmaceuticals. Reddy was previously a Howard Hughes science fellow and has authored several peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field of epilepsy, neuroimmunology and neurodegenerative diseases. Prior to joining Regenerex, Mr. Requadt was a Managing Director at Clarus. Prior to TransForm, Mr. Before that, he was a law clerk for a senior judge at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Prior to becoming a Senior Advisor, Mr. Rose was responsible for media relations and government relations, as well as communications to a broad range of public and other constituencies. Rose was at Goldman Sachs for 20 years.


He was a lobbyist and political analyst in their Washington office and in moved to New York to open Goldman Sachs first ever media relations office as it began the transition from a private to a public company. In he moved to Asia to set up a corporate communications function for Goldman Sachs there, returning in to head the media relations function for the firm in the Americas.

In this capacity, Mr. Prior to his appointment as Senior Advisor, Mr. Saslow also serves as a mentor for Rutgers University Road to Wall Street Program, designed to boost the preparation skills for a select group of students who demonstrate strong interest in and knowledge of financial markets. Timothy Schifter is a Senior Advisor to Blackstone, focusing on the apparel, accessories, beauty, and footwear industries globally.

Prior to his appointment as a Senior Advisor, Mr. Schifter graduated with a BA degree from Pitzer College. Schifter serves as a member of the Board of Directors of J. Barry as well as Simone. Prior to joining Blackstone in , Ms. Skero worked at Merrill Lynch for 29 years in a variety of positions, including CFO of its Global Wealth Management division and Global Controller, where her responsibilities included oversight of the firm's books and records, SEC reporting, accounting policy, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Scolnick had been Senior Advisor to Clarus since prior to its acquisition by Blackstone. He spent fifteen years at the National Institute of Health where he made seminal discoveries on the nature of genes that cause cancer in humans. He then spent twenty two years at the Merck Research Labs where he was head of Research from to Since then he has been at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard as Director of the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, which is directed at understanding the causes of Schizophrenia and Bipolar illness and finding new ways to treat these illnesses.

James R. Earlier, Mr. Prior to Symantec, Mr. He lives in McLean, Virginia with his wife and three sons. Sondergaard received a MA in the Merchant Marine. Prior to joining Blackstone, Mrs. Previously, Mrs. Currently Mrs. Wilderotter holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the College of the Holy Cross. In , she was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Engineering degree, honoris causa, from the Stevens Institute of Technology. Prior to Swedbank, Mr. He served as chairman of the Healthcare provider Capio AB from to In addition to his role at Blackstone, Mr.

Young became a Venture Partner with Clarus in Young previously served as CEO of Monogram Biosciences, a leader in personalized medicine, from through to the sale of the company to LabCorp in Prior to Monogram he was at Genentech since at positions of increasing responsibility, including COO, responsible for all of the biotechnology company's development, operations and commercial functions. Young was at Eli Lilly and Company for fourteen years. In he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering for his leadership in research, development and manufacturing of recombinant proteins using recombinant DNA technology.

Yuan was a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley since Zafirovski is a founder and president of The Zaf Group, a management consulting and investment firm. Among his education, civic and philanthropic activities, he is Vice Chairman of AUSL, the organization that helps turn around the most challenged public schools in Chicago.

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From to , Mr. NSTAC provides analytics and recommendations to the President on a wide range of policy and technical issues related to telecommunications, information systems, information assurance, infrastructure protection, and other national security and emergency preparedness concerns. GSO Capital Partners is acquired, firmly positioning itself as one of the largest credit-oriented alternative asset managers.

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For office-specific contact information, please visit our offices page. For investor relations contact information or to receive email notifications for SEC filings, events, end of day stock quotes, and financial reports, please visit our Investor Relations page. Toggle navigation. The capital we deploy on behalf of our investors fuels the development of businesses and communities. The investments we make are the wellsprings of future opportunity. Through this work, we seek to ensure a secure retirement for millions. DIVERSE AND Global The solutions we provide reflect insights generated by our diverse, global business platform, which encompasses private equity and real estate funds, hedge fund solutions, and credit funds.

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We have built the firm on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. We focus on attracting exceptionally talented people and on creating an atmosphere that rewards initiative, independent thinking, and integrity. The same model made it difficult, if not impossible, to renegotiate bad mortgages when the system collapsed. Those tasked with tackling bad mortgages on behalf of investors had their own conflicts of interests, and found themselves profiting while loans struggled. This process created bad debts that could never be paid, and blocked attempts to try and rework them after the fact.

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The resulting pool of bad debt has been a drag on the economy ever since, giving us the fall in median wages of the Great Recession and the sluggish recovery we still live with. Many of them, we now know, were moderate- and lower-income families who were in no financial position to borrow as much as they did, especially under such predatory terms and with such high fees. Collapsing home prices and the inability to renegotiate their underwater mortgages stripped these folks of whatever savings they had and left them in deep debt, widening even further the gulf of inequality in this country.

To understand this change, compare two eras at General Electric. The remaining profit stays in the enterprise, is paid out in higher wages, or is passed on to the customer. This change had dramatic consequences.

Economist J. Mason found that, before the s, firms tended to borrow funds in order to fuel investment. Since , that link has been broken. Now when firms borrow, they tend to use the money to fund dividends or buy back stocks. This lack of investment is obviously holding back our recovery. Productive investment remains low, and even extraordinary action by the Federal Reserve to make investments more profitable by keeping interest rates low has not been able to counteract the general corporate presumption that this money should go to shareholders.

There is thus less innovation, less risk taking, and ultimately less growth. One of the reasons this revolution was engineered in the s was to put a check on what kinds of investments CEOs could make, and one of those investments was wage growth. Finance has now won the battle against wage earners: corporations today are reluctant to raise wages even as the economy slowly starts to recover.

This keeps the economy perpetually sluggish by retarding consumer demand, while also increasing inequality. H ow can these changes be challenged? The first thing we must understand is the scope of the change. As Mason writes, the changes have been intellectual, legal, and institutional. At the intellectual level, academic research and conventional wisdom among economists and policymakers coalesced around the ideas that maximizing returns to shareholders is the only goal of a corporation, and that the financial markets were always right.

At the legal level, laws regulating finance at the state level were overturned by the Supreme Court or preempted by federal regulators, and antitrust regulations were gutted by the Reagan administration and not taken up again. At the institutional level, deregulation over several administrations led to a massive concentration of the financial sector into fewer, richer firms. As financial expertise became more prestigious than industry-specific knowledge, CEOs no longer came from within the firms they represented but instead from other firms or from Wall Street; their pay was aligned through stock options, which naturally turned their focus toward maximizing stock prices.