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The majority of disaster behavioral health activities are accomplished by state, local, tribal and territorial entities, and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters.

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The goals of disaster behavioral health are to relieve stress, reinforce healthy coping strategies, mitigate future behavioral health problems, and promote individual and community resilience. Staff serve as subject matter experts and participate in many disaster behavioral health-related preparedness activities. Disaster Behavioral Health Services is responsible for managing disaster behavioral health preparedness, response and recovery efforts for Texas before, during and after local, state or federally declared disasters, emergencies and incidents.

Depending on the size and scope of the incident, these services might include:.

Mental health in emergencies

Local Mental Health Authorities are among the first to respond to disaster behavioral health needs in their areas. Response and recovery activities might include providing acute and ongoing stress management and counseling services to evacuees in shelters, temporary housing, schools, and animal and agricultural facilities.

However, widespread and catastrophic incidents can significantly impact their ability to provide services. When local behavioral health resources become overwhelmed, state and federal assistance might be made available after a disaster. Disaster Behavioral Health Services.

Mental Health & Natural Disasters

Depending on the size and scope of the incident, these services might include: Coordinating the inclusion of disaster behavioral health best practices and resources in federal, state and local emergency management planning efforts. Clinicians Resources of interest to clinicians. Regions The state of Nebraska is split into disaster behavioral health regions.

Disaster Behavioral Health | Florida Department of Health

State Team NBHERT provides support and consultation to local response personnel relevant to behavioral health needs that arise following a disaster. Past Recovery Projects Archive, including the floods. Current Opportunities Opportunities for training, including Conferences, webinars, and training materials. DBH Exercises Situation manuals specific to Nebraska but that can be customized for other jurisdictions.

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This material is designed for peers to deliver prior to an event to foster resilience and support within their organizations. The project aims to enhance state-level capacity for a coordinated response to mental health and substance abuse service needs in the event of an emergency or disaster.