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Kate: We always bring breakfast items granola bars, fruit cups and juice boxes to eat for breakfast as we are getting ready for the day. The night before, we put what we will need for the next day in a bucket of ice or our small cooler so it's cold for morning. This means one fewer meal we have to buy in the parks, but it's also a time-saver, as we are early people and like to be heading for the buses early for park opening. And since it's a light breakfast we are usually ready for lunch around 11 a. We still usually treat ourselves to one or two special breakfasts during our stay Tonga toast!

John and Cassandra Pinheiro: We split all of our counter service meals. Disney is so generous with portion sizes, that we often find that one meal shared between two is plenty — and it leaves room for fun snacks between meals. Also, it's not illegal or against the rules to order more food!

If, while eating, we think we're going to need more, we just get it providing the line is short enough. We order food delivered to our condo from Garden Grocer. This helps us save money, in addition to the great convenience. We eat all of our breakfast meals before we go to the parks. By selecting the items online prior to our arrival we are able to carefully select the correct amount of food for the week. We don't forget items at the grocery store, or end up buying too much, or expensive "impulse items" because we are in the "vacation mode.

We love having all of our food items selected before we arrive and delivered right to our condo. Donna Wisely: Being a Disney Vacation Club member has allowed us to stay in a one- or two-bedroom villa when we visit. We plan our meals ahead of time and purchase groceries for our stay. If we have a car for our trip, we shop at a discount retailer a short distance south of Walt Disney World. If we don't have a car we use a grocery delivery service. Even with the delivery surcharge, it's considerably cheaper than paying for all our meals on the property.

Tom Galloway: On the shoestring plan, we have tried many things over the years and these are some that work: Eat a hearty breakfast at your condo or room before going to the parks. It's a long day and food is your biggest expense. Also, if you are staying at a condo or somewhere you have access to a kitchen, utilize it. Keep sandwich material and cook some frozen pizzas and put them in plastic sealer bags in the refrigerator. When you get back from the parks in the evenings, use the trusty old microwave.

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Instead of eating dinner in the park get a snack and eat back at the condo. This way you save some money and no one has to be burdened with heavy cleanup at the house or condo. Terri Jensen: My 1 tip is to bring a small soft-sided cooler with you into the parks holding several ice packs, drinks and snacks.

All coolers will be inspected when you enter the parks, but they are allowed in as long as they are soft-sided. Once you have used up the contents of the cooler, you will have room to pick up a few pastries from one of the bakeries to have for breakfast the next day if you want. If you have access to a refrigerator, you can "recharge" your ice packs there.

Otherwise, you'll have to rely on your ice bucket to recharge them or to bring ice.

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Jimmy B: One of the things we do is bring our own alcohol to the resort. We also pack a separate suitcase with snacks and quick breakfast foods to help save. And when it's the sad time to depart home from Disney, we have an empty suitcase to fill with all our Disney goodies that were purchased.

Faith Turner: We visit the Mouse at least once a year. For our family of four that can get quite expensive, now that our two boys are over the age of 3. We always stay in a place that has a kitchen or kitchenette. This way we can always have at least one or two of the meals for the day in the room, depending on what we have planned.

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Since food alone is a HUGE expense when you are staying for a week, this really helps out. Net and look at the menus to help me get a feel of how much we will be spending on each meal — don't forget to add on some drinks. Then I include my discounts and tip so I can estimate how much we will need per day for food. It is a lot of work to do this planning, but it helps us a lot and I will pretty much have it paid for before we leave. Clare: Visit table service restaurants for lunch instead of dinner.

The menu items are similar, you get the experience, and the prices are often lower! You can have your cake and eat it, too, for cheap… er! Kris: We are also frugal and love being prepared. We were able to find collapsible water bottles with sport top spouts at our local dollar store, along with pack Crystal Light singles and pack off-brand powdered mixes. Many other guests were jealous of our neat bottles, which had a metal clip we used to hang from each of our bags. We filled them from water fountains with no problem, they didn't leak at all. Natalie: When your group is tired and thirsty, head to Club Cool in Epcot.

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  7. You can sample Coco-Cola flavors from all over the world — for free! Shellie: I bring most of our beverages with us. I will bring a pack of soda or three different two-liter bottles, a flat or a couple gallons of water. My biggest money-saver is bringing my own chocolate milk. Margaret: We live in Florida, so we are at the parks all the time. A leading European financial services company was experiencing a higher volume of incoming customer email than they were equipped to handle.

    A global telecoms provider experienced issues with inconsistent pricing.

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