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Gnome, the duo Rolling Stone recently proclaimed a "Band to Watch" and for whom accolades have rolled in from all corners of the country. Sam, groggy from too many late nights spent editing their latest in a string of endearingly oddball videos, has two days to pack up their life into the white Ford van that rests in the driveway — the one that will take them to Louisville for the start of a two-month swing from the heartland to the West Coast, then back again till they reach New York in May, with a quick stop home to play the Beachland Ballroom on April The music wouldn't be the same if we didn't go through what we went through to get to the point of creation.

With two EPs and three full-length albums to their credit, Barille and Meister have touched a growing base of fans with their deft blend of light and dark, melody and clamor, accented by mysterious, surreal lyrics. They produce music that's by turns soothing and unsettling, embracing and disorienting.

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Critics have groped for comparisons, often with hilarious results. Invariably, someone will name-check Cat Power, and another will say Billie Holiday. Whatever the comparisons, the reviews are usually unmistakably flattering.

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When Mr. Gnome released their third album, Madness in Miniature , in October, Rolling Stone called them "scrappy and dreamily explosive, like they can't decide if they want to represent their hometown or blow it up. But a glowing review doesn't translate to much in these file-sharing days, when listeners' commitment to a band often ends at the click of a mouse. The money — the means of survival — comes from getting people out to your shows and getting them to buy your shirts. And getting them to do it again.

So far, it's working like a charm. Gnome's endless string of concerts draws anywhere from to fans a night — respectable numbers for most bands who toil in Indieville — as they've risen from supporting act to headliner in most towns they play. Last December's CD release show at the Beachland was filled to person capacity, despite a blizzard that struck a few hours before showtime, making the Shoreway nearly impassable. The audience was a mix of old friends who navigated the storm from Chardon, along with countless new ones — a cross section that's indicative of how the band's star has risen.

They make it a point to chat with the crowd before and after shows, and Nicole spends an hour or two each day online, staying in touch via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. Those fans in turn have created new opportunities — spreading the word in their hometowns and introducing the music to new ears, getting the band on the radio and in local papers, finding new gigs, and even helping run the business of Mr. Onstage, the duo projects a subtle intensity.

With the lanky, typically shaven-headed Sam on drums or keyboards or guitar — there's only two people making all this sound, y'know — and petite, delicate-featured Nicole flailing on guitar and wailing on vocals, the pair meshes instinctively with subtle cues: a glance here, a head nod there. Although their photos and videos usually involve elaborate costumes, masks, and makeup, their live presence relies on none of these things. They're likely to be wearing jeans, T-shirts, or tank tops, Nicole's thick, dark, curly hair pinned up to stay out of her way. I was like, how's this little girl rocking so hard and singing so big?

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I just wanted to be a part of it I said, 'How can I get in touch with these people? I'd really like to work with them. Gnome's last two albums and has joined the bursting bandwagon. Once the music started, I don't think anyone in the bar moved. I don't think anyone said a word the entire set.

We just screamed and clapped happily after every song. I didn't expect looping guitars and vocals at the same time. That shit's hard enough to do in the studio. I couldn't imagine hitting it so easily live. Therein lies a key facet of Mr. Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This is George Sewell's collection of poetry, philosophy, and mischief. His reflections in a candle on a winter's night lured a Gnome from the shadows to comment on his musings.

Poet and Gnome spar over interpretations of the human experience. Key moments in that dialogue are illustrated by Chester Delacruz. Product Details About the Author. About the Author George Sewell studied the nature and process of personal change for thirty years as a counselor, manager, and administrator in the field of addictive disorders.

He retired as Administrator of the Pines Treatment Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, an intensive residential treatment center for adults.

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He is a playwright, author, and speaker. George lives in Bossier City, Louisiana with his wife, Joan. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

Another Night at the Circus. This collection of linked short stories charts the varying fortunes of Alex. Making her way Making her way through a mix of tragedy and comedy, Alex keeps the emotional impact at bay via a steady diet of drugs, alcohol and detachment. Along the View Product.

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Beardsley Heights. Beardsley Heights is a Shakespeare-inspired comedy set in a tiny New England village on the Beardsley Heights is a Shakespeare-inspired comedy set in a tiny New England village on the eve of the presidential election. Events in the nation at large and from several of Shakespeare's plays are reflected in the multiple plots and