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The fear of the happy cows, normal people who are tapped with the addictions of alcohol, drugs, sex and rock and roll which burn energy quickly and assist implants and energy connections to feed all their energy to the elite — these are the geese who create the golden eggs — the loyal citizenry, getting enough power to take everything away from the elite. For this reason has been created the Armies to protect them.

The strong police forces to repress. Television, Movies, Literature, Philosophy, Art - to serve elite interests. For this reason the British Parliaments serve organic food in their Restaurants. For this reason there is a government department in China which creates organic food for the elite of China, originally created to prevent the poisoning of Mao. For this reason they need a vast store of Harvested Organs from the Chinese Labour camps to prevent accidental deaths, and for these people medical care is very much higher than believed possible for the majority.

Everything which has a Beginning has an End. And this is the problem of these people. They are afraid of something which inevitably will come to pass — accidents and being put to death. The way of enlightenment is to learn how to evolve and how to die. How to exist in full consciousness without a body yet connected to the soul and the higher chakras leading to the one God. To ask correctly if you want to be a walk-in. To be born as a child in full consciousness. The die in full consciousness so that we can pass in full consciousness through the death process.

Everything is alright. Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do. For thousands of years Shamen and the Enlightened have helped their clients in the field of healing and Personality Integration. Many Split patients have had out-of-body experiences, often at the time of childhood abuse, as a means of psychic escape but also as the first stage of attempting to heal the personality split. Chiron the wounded healer is the symbol of this process. Usually it is only the wounded healer who has been healed, who knows the process to heal others.

Transformation of Identity-- During the possession state of trance, the shaman became reciprocally identified with the possessing spirit in a manner analogous to alter switching in Split patients, but Shamen always returned consciously to their main, Soul Personality. They have this ability not to get lost by having already integrated their Personalities which have then become stronger than the average personality.

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Split people are always lost. The symptoms of splitness need to be pointed out to normal average people before they can overcome the paradigm of not understanding that they are not yet integrated, they are split too.. Later I hope to complete the work in 1. Most people are split personalities. However the symptoms of this splitness differ depending upon the severity of the painful traumatic experiences which split the person and the degree of evolution of the person which increasingly helps the person to manage more trauma and more splits without giving the game away to others. Splitness, DID and MPD as a cause of the selfish competitive ego is an explanation for the world as it is and the suffering of everyone in society.

Integration of the splitness is the cure for the world as it is and the end of suffering of everyone in society. However, severely damaged people and evolved people on the verge of integration have been studied by psychologists The splits are sometimes called alter personalities which have types which are common across Split people. Putnam has created a set of such types from many years of experience of therapy Putnam The Host Personality-- Usually defined as the alter who has executive control of the body most of the time.

This personality is typically depressed, compulsively good, conscience-stricken, and feels overwhelmed by circumstances. A normal person in other words, however the strength of the symptoms of splitness differ so that only those with strong symptoms get caught, anaesthetised with drugs by psychiatrists or put into therapy by psychologists. The normal person exhibits symptoms of splitness which can be spotted in others and then in ourselves.

Quite often, the host personality is completely unaware of the existence of other alters until presented with them during meditation. Hosts may sometimes be facades put up by a group of cooperating alters. Inner Children Personalities-- These are found in every Split person. They are frozen in time and do not age. Such personalities often serve the function of holding traumatic memories of childhood abuse or other painful memories; they are frequently counterbalanced by other child alters who embody pure childhood innocence.

Inner children always want and compete for attention, sympathy, love, energy from everyone around them. They develop talents, personalities, alters and strategies to get this. This is the selfish competitive ego, red in tooth and claw, the cause of all suffering in the world. The Star Personality Symptoms.. Typically they try to destroy the livelihoods and reputations of every competing star. They surround themselves with "yes men" who provide no competition to them, are extremely loyal and thus will do anything they are told to do, who confirm the star in their place by massaging their egos, and to whom they are extremely generous in wages and bonuses.

Persecutor Personalities The Self Destructor. These personalities will try to sabotage the person's life and even inflict bodily harm on the host. They are sometimes responsible for "suicide" attempts which are really cases of "internal homicide", where a persecutor personality attempts to kill the host, like "cutting off the nose to spite the face". The Violator Personality is professionally angry with everyone around them as a means of gaining attention and energy from them. Suicidal Personalities -- As distinct from above, these are personalities driven to kill themselves, as opposed to other alters.

They may be unaware of the existence of the host, or other alters. The Poor Me Personality moans complains and even hurts itself through accidents, substance abuse and suicide attempts simply to gain sympathy and energy from everyone around them. They tend to flip into Violators when the Poor Me ceases to work. Protector and Helper Personalities-- These personalities serve as a counterbalance to the destructive and suicidal alters. They come in a number of forms, depending on what the multiple requires protection from.

In female multiples, they are often male alters of great physical strength. The Internal Self-HelperA relatively emotionless personality, who provides information about the internal workings of the personality system. Very useful allies for therapy as you can talk sensibly to them.

Richard Thomas

Memory Trace Personality-- A passive personality who usually has a more or less complete memory of the Split person's life. Most alters have access to only a severely limited range of memories. Cross-Gender Personalities-- It is very common for multiples to have alters of opposite sex.

In females, male alters tend to serve in such masculine roles as physical protection and operation of machinery. In some male Split persons, female personalities are older "goodmother" figures who provide counsel, and tend to be active in the person's internal dynamics more than manifesting outwardly. Promiscuous Personalities-- The Don Juan strategy.

These alters exist to express forbidden impulses, often sexual in nature and to gain attention and love from others. Administrators and Obsessive-Compulsive Personalities-- These personalities frequently emerge in the workplace, where they may be quite competent professionally, although seen by fellow workers as distant and authoritarian. They may also function to manage the internal organization of the Split person's fragmented personality. Substance Abusers-- Drug abuse in Split persons is frequently limited to one alter, and this alter may be the only one to suffer withdrawal symptoms as a means of gaining sympathy.

Autistic and Handicapped Personalities-- Autistic personalities are often sent "out" during periods when no other alter is interested in executive control, or especially during situations of confinement or control. Personalities with Special Talents or Skills-- Alters displaying great skill in work-related, artistic or athletic fields are common, and often tend to be more like fragments than complete alter personalities. Anesthetic or Analgesic Personalities-- These alters seem to be formed during initial episodes of abuse, and deny feelings of pain.

They are activated when the body is injured by self or others. Imitators and Impostors-- Some multiples have alters who imitate the functions of other alters. In some instances, the impostor will handle situations the personality they are mimicking cannot. Demons and Spirits-- These alters sometimes manifest, especially in persons from rural areas or with fundamentalist religious beliefs. Spirit alters are the same as Internal Self-Helpers and demon alters are the same as Persecutors. The Original Core Personality-- Many multiples have a "core" personality from which the others are derived.

Single Girl Makes Vampire Enemies In The Sims 4 - Part 3

Typically this alter is not active, and is described by others in the system of alters as having been "put to sleep" to protect it from remembering traumatic experiences. The negative karmic mass created by such experiences is that which creates and sustains the split alters. Only by grounding that pain, can the person become integrated. The Soul Infused Personality This personality only starts to appear when there has been a period of grounding of negative energies and integration of the alters.

We say that the normal person is split and in various stages and states of splitness. Gurdjieff said that normal people only had the possibility of a Soul Infused Personality, which could only be accessed through meditative work. It is typically pure, strong, solid and integrated. It contains no splits.

It is the personality of the trained Shaman and Guru, Chiron, the Wounded Healer who through healing himself has the ability to integrate the split personalities of others. As can be seen from the above list, alter personalities tend to help a traumatized person assume some sort of functional role, either in the external life of the multiple, or in the complex internal dynamics of the system of alters.

Such diversification according to functionality will be very useful in developing a model of distributed agency in the cyberspace domain for the average, unintegrated "normal" person. The discussion of the ubiquity of the Split Personality or Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID as related to non-pathological functioning is important, as it will serve to ground our perceptions of this phenomenon while we tread the increasingly exotic terrain. According to Putnam, "The core feature of MPD Splitting - auth is the existence of alter personalities who exchange control over an individual's behavior.

Putnam goes on to quote the definition of an alter personality given by Braun and Kluft as "an entity with a firm, persistent, and wellfounded sense of self and a characteristic and consistent pattern of behavior and feelings in response to given stimuli.

It must have a range of functions, a range of emotional responses, and a significant life history of its own existence. Usually these alters seamlessly takeover the outer personality as external circumstances need their different talents. As Gurdjieff said, "The alter who says he will get up at 5 in the morning to meditate, is not the same alter who throws the alarm clock out of the window. Or shall we say that he just, "Changed his mind. This is the normal and average person. But as the degree trauma increases and the degree of splitness pathologically increases, one alter might insist that another's clothes are not just in bad taste, but are of the wrong size, or even appropriate for the wrong sex.

Sometimes alters even see other alters as being differently located physically, as sitting in a different chair or being in a different room. In really extreme cases, one alter might wish to kill another, adamantly denying any connection whatsoever with that alter. In addition to such well formed alter personalities, it is typical to find a number of personality fragments-- smaller units of personality of limited scope and ability. Typically a personality fragment will be limited to one symptom of splitness, such as anger, depression or manicism, or one functionality, such as driving a car or absorbing pain.

W W W . P H I L I P H E N R Y . C O M

This sort of fracturing can yield fragments so specific that it is ultimately useless to consider them as personalities, just talents. Alter personalities can be thought of as units of functionality which enable the Split person to function in the external world, or cope with the complex demands of the inner world such people inhabit. External duties include holding a job, managing relationships with other people, taking care of bodily needs, etc.

Internal duties include such activities as managing which alter is "out" in control of the physical body at any time, holding and managing traumatic memories, and settling internal squabbles between alters. A complicated set of personalities often arises to accomplish these tasks; frequently numbering a few tens or scores of distinct alters. However, the cure to all the above is integration of the splits by grounding all the negative energy created by traumatic experiences which sustains the splits.

As we ground all the negative energy through meditation, so the splits disappear.. She was alone and needed help. She prayed for help and asked an enlightened Sufi Master for advice. He came and pronounced the work for all of the Children. One he said to become his servant. The other to join the army. The other to become a shopkeeper and the last to help all the others. Over the years the boy who joined the army progressed, became heroic, won many battles and became a General under the King. The Boy who became a shopkeeper became very successful, bought many large shops and became very rich.

He was supported by his brother who helped him manage the businesses and left him free to start many other businesses. Everyone in the family was so happy with the Sufi master that they gave him a place in the family, gave him many gifts and consulted him regularly. At last the boy who was the servant to the Sufi Master became Enlightened.

He asked him how he knew which occupation to give to himself and his brothers. The Master said it was easy. He looked into their past lives and saw that the one who joined the army had a predisposition to becoming a murderer. The one who became a businessman shopkeeper had a past life predisposition to being a thief.

And the one who helped the Business brother had no soul, would only do what he was told and so for many lifetimes had been the other brothers Accomplice in their murdering and thievery. He liked following orders. Any other occupation and they would all have been put in jail and executed. The Sufi Master said that the boy who was his servant had the best chance of Enlightenment because he was an older soul, had much experience in the occupations of the others in past lifetimes and. Always there were people competing for the same things. Ultimately the General was defeated and the Businessman became bankrupt.

Ultimately, even if able to hold onto your gains, "You can't take it with you", Death came along and took everything. Life after Life!!! And even with that predisposition, with bad teaching he would never reach his goal. Unless humble and able to find a Master, normally he would become an unenlightened Priest and become One of the Blind, leading the Blind, another accomplice of the murderers and the thieves.

That is why he needed the help of the Sufi Master and that is why he had kept him close, within his Buddhafield and removed many of his blockages to enable him to become Enlightened. The Blind, the Businessman, the General and the Accomplice This story comes from a Sufi Tale many thousands of years old when Manu created the caste system.

It tells the truth about you and humanity. It tells the truth about the Law of Manu and the caste System of India and the Four Castes The Bhagavad Gita says this about the varnas: The works of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras are different, in harmony with the three powers of their born nature. The works of a good Brahmin are enlightenment; peace, selfharmony, austerity, and purity; loving-forgiveness and righteousness; vision and wisdom and faith.

A bad Brahmin, the person interested in Enlightenment which in this world has come to mean the Unenlightened Priest who are blind to the light of the soul and accomplices to the totalitarian state. These are the works of a good Kshatriya: protectors of the weak, a heroic mind, inner fire, constancy, resourcefulness, courage in battle, generosity and noble leadership. Kshatriya, the Warrior, charged with protecting the state.

The King, the General, the Samurai. The bad Kshatriya, the General, is usually the Totalitarian Murderer and the torturer. Trade, Business, agriculture and the rearing of cattle is the work of a good Vaishya. The bad Vaishya, the businessman is the thief who uses the general and the accomplices to attain his monetary. And the work of the Shudra is service to all the above, the Laborer in this world. He likes following orders! The bad Shudra is the Accomplice helping the thief and the murderer and the torturer - a person who has taken the Ring.

My Master, Swami Satchidananda knew all of this. They asked him about the Rulers of the World. Just what do you think of them? For this reason he said he would tell a story. If you had an election for the leader of the council in a town and seventy-five percent of the people in this town were thieves, murderers and their accomplices, just what sort of a person would they elect?

But let us not miss the point; the meaning and significance of this history. The ancient stories point to a trauma disappointment formed splitness in the personalities of all humanity as being the cause of all evil on this planet for thousands of years. Meditation and the higher techniques of Meditation are the cure of that splitness.

An existentialist is a person cut off from their soul conscience and from their heart sympathy, living in a flat, intellectual drab wasteland devoid of meaning. And it is only the heart and the soul which give life meaning and significance, not the intellect. Why are there psychopaths? And the answer is contained in the chakra multi-processor model of the human being together with the concept of Energy Blockages which block and cut off some chakra functions like soul conscience which conquers selfish desire and heart sympathy which allows you to imagine yourself in another persons place, Gurdjieffian external consideration, whilst sometimes leaving courage and the intellect intact.

Sometimes courage and the intellect are also blocked and this covers the great differences in human psychological disease potentiality. Existentialists admire most those traits which are psychopathic. The psychopath Don Juan has found his defenders in our time. The Existentialist philosopher Camus finds in Don Juan something of an existentialist hero, a natural or absurd man: He says, "This life gratifies his every wish, and nothing is worse than losing it.

Why should he give himself a problem in morality? How easy it is to understand why the men of God call down punishment on his head. He achieves a knowledge without illusions which negates everything they profess. Loving and possessing, conquering and consuming--that is his way of knowing. And it is only the heart and the soul conscience and meaning which give life significance, not the intellect. Because to an existentialist, there is no meaning to anything, Camus said, "The only thing we have to decide is how to commit suicide! A existentialist psychopath cannot understand words like the soul conscience and the heart sympathy, it is another paradigm because in Energy Enhancement terminology, in them the soul is cut off by energy blockages and the heart center is blocked.

It is impossible for them to understand the soul and the heart. Like a psychopath they can only pretend and fake it. Energy Enhancement teaches that human beings have seven chakras or energy centers in their bodies which act as processors in the human parallel processing super computer, and in that computer only one processor, the brow chakra is intellectual. Other processors handle the emotions and the conscience and if those are cut off or blocked, then psychopaths, schizophrenics and manic depressives are the result.

To make you less of a psychopath, Energy Enhancement gives advanced techniques for removing energy blockages in the heart and above the head, thus connecting you with your heart and your soul!! This battle between the intellect and the heart and soul is the story of Ridley Scotts The Gladiator where Commodus the Emperor is a psychopath with no connection with his heart or soul, versus Maximus, the Gladiator who has both heart and soul, who knows his duty to god. And no-one has brought up the fact that it is only those films with BOTH Intellect, heart and soul which make a lot of money.

Also no-one has brought up the fact that psychopaths vary in the lengths to which they feel able to go. They vary from those who kill. Kubricks films in general did not make so much money even though they were loved by the mildly psycho film critics, whereas Star Wars May the Force be with You!

Lesson, if you want a movie with heart know that the psychopathic movie critics will not understand it, the movie will have bad reviews, - the evidence is the Star Wars franchise whose movies have run the gauntlet of hate from every movie critic who still cannot understand why they are so popular, it's because most critics just have no heart or soul.

Most directors and film critics are intellectual existentialists without heart, merely pretending to have heart, merely going through the motions, like all psychopaths - this is one of the definitions of a psychopath. An example is Big Fish and Life Aquatic but these films are the majority. Pschopaths do not care whether a film has heart or soul or meaning or significance. They cannot see it, they do not understand it, as this requires a paradigm shift for them to see Heart and Soul!! Those people with a heart require intellectual ability but also heart and soul.

Films "Full of sound and fury, signifying Nothing" quote from Shakespeare, make little money. And Shakespeare should know because his plays have run and been popular for more time than any others! Yet the films of Kubrick are good teachings about those people who are existentialist psychopaths. For that reason they are good teaching tools for Energy Enhancement techniques. Energy Enhancement gives advanced techniques for removing energy blockages in the heart and above the head, thus connecting you with your heart and the soul!! To the creator of films as well as other forms of literature, the dark side of human nature has often proved more rich and interesting than the bright.

Films and books on the lives of saints have not been as popular as murder mysteries and works of horror. While we may have no desire to experience them in our own lives, terrible deeds and evil people exert their perverse attraction on our psyches. We who consider ourselves moral and upright are often fascinated by the behavior of the pitiless, merciless, and guiltless psychopath. Like a magnificent black panther: powerful, dangerous, and alien, the psychopathic character can have a dark, perfect beauty that simultaneously attracts and repels us.

We will explore the use of such characters in the films of Stanley Kubrick, the 20th century film auteur as it relates to his view of the nature of both individuals and human institutions. But first, we will review the clinical view of psychopathy as assembled by students of brain and behavior over the centuries While it was not until the nineteenth century that doctors began to elucidate the nature of that disturbing category of human beings that we now call psychopaths, history and literature show that they have always been with us.

Scientific study of the psychopath is difficult because of the skewed view we obtain from those psychopaths available for study: prison populations. The psychopath recognizes no flaw in his psyche, no need for change. Those who are successful in avoiding brushes with the law do not present themselves for treatment or study.

While some psychopaths undoubtedly correspond to the popular view of the brutal killer, criminal, or rapist, many, if not most, do not. Often this entity is referred to by the term sociopathy or antisocial personality, emphasizing their chaotic relationships with other people and society, but while this aspect of these personalities is most readily apparent, there are many other features of this character disorder having nothing to do with other people which also show considerable deviation from normal behavior.

For this reason, I prefer the older term psychopath. In recent years, there has been a growing realization that there are many psychopaths who successfully avoid trouble with the law, and estimates of the percentage of psychopaths in the population have been revised upward.

As is common in medicine, and especially in psychiatry, where there is often no "litmus" test which can be applied, diagnosis is a matter of nosology and categorization. This is bound to lead to disagreements between various authorities as to which manifestations warrant inclusion or exclusion of an individual from a given diagnosis. Naturally, this has led to various schools of thought on the subject of psychopathy.

You should know however, that the psychopaths which get caught are in the minority. These are the mad kettle of fish psychopaths. The rest are amongst you now Historical Overview Existentialism and Kubrick's Psychopaths The first writings by doctors on the subject seem to originate around the beginning of the 19th century[1,2], but the earliest formal description of what he called "moral insanity" is given by Prichard[3] in The 19th century physicians recognized that there were some walking among other men who were of sound reason and intellect, but when it came to the moral realm were "deranged".

They described individuals who had no sense of right and wrong, no feelings of guilt or shame for wrongdoing, and had a marked propensity to lie, cheat, and engage in other activities which normal society considered reprehensible. During the last 40 years, psychopaths have been more intensively studied and recent research seems to indicate that they actually represent a variant of human beings with abnormal brain function.

Demographics Existentialism and Kubrick's Psychopaths Demographic studies of psychopaths are somewhat suspect because they rely so heavily on the institutionalized segment of the population of psychopaths, but they show that males outnumber females by at least , and that they almost always come from severely disturbed families[4] The deviant behavior is manifest even as young children. The period from adolescence to mid-thirties is marked by the most severe deviance.

As they age, many psychopaths seem to "mellow", at least in their more aggressive antisocial behavior. Clinical Features Existentialism and Kubrick's Psychopaths In describing the clinical features of psychopaths, I will rely heavily on the most complete description in the literature, the monograph which constituted the life-work of psychiatrist and neurologist Hervey Cleckley entitled The Mask of Sanity.

Guiltlessness Existentialism and Kubrick's Psychopaths While the psychopath often recognizes that other people have a "conscience", and will feign remorse to avoid punishment, as Cleckley explains, "he shows almost no sense of shame. His career is always full of exploits, any one of which would wither even the more callous representatives of the ordinary man. Yet he does not, despite his able protestations, show the slightest evidence of major humiliation or regret. This is true of matters pertaining to his personal and selfish pride and to esthetic standards that he avows as well as to moral or humanitarian matters.

While seemingly in full possession of his reasoning ability, by all the means of clinical psychology to test and assess them, the psychopath demonstrates an inability to comprehend the meaning and significance of his behavior for other people, and to judge their probable reactions to his behavior. He is often astounded to find that people are upset by his exploits. Although he knows intellectually what punishment is decreed for certain crimes, when caught, he puts up elaborate rationalizations and defenses, and seems surprised when he is actually punished. Mark Hofmann, an ingenious forger of rare documents and murderer, included among the victims of his: many scholars, the Library of Congress, the U.

His career began as a child with the alteration of mint-marks on coins.


He recently revealed his thinking on the subject of his forgeries: "It's not so much what is genuine and what isn't as what people believe is genuine. When I forged a document and sold it, I was not cheating the person that I was selling it to because the document would never be detected as being a fraud. Obviously if I would have known they would some day be detected, I wouldn't have done it. I didn't feel like I was cheating them. Psychopaths can be thought of not as being hypocrites, but as actually not understanding or using language in the same way other people do.

Lovelessness and lack of empathy Existentialism and Kubrick's Psychopaths While the psychopath has likes and dislikes and fondness for the pleasures that human company can bring, analysis shows that he is completely egocentric, valuing others only for their enhancement of. While he gives no real love, he is quite capable of inspiring love of sometimes fanatical degree in others.

He is generally superficially charming and often makes a striking impression as possessed of the noblest of human qualities. He makes friends easily, and is very manipulative, using his ability with words to talk his way out of trouble. Many psychopaths love to be admired and bask in the adulation of others. With the lack of love, there is also a lack of empathy.

The psychopath is unable to feel sorry for others in unfortunate situations or put himself in another's place, whether or not they have been harmed by him. Disordered interpersonal relationships Existentialism and Kubrick's Psychopaths While psychopaths are notably sexually promiscuous, their inability to love or to show any but the most superficial kindness to others prevents them from forming meaningful relationships with others, including parents and spouses.

The promiscuity seems more related to their lack of restraint than to an exaggerated sexual drive. Bizarre and indecent liaisons are common. Dominance and power are recurring themes in the social relations of psychopaths. They enjoy being in a position of power over others, especially women. The psychopath often plays jokes and tricks on others to humiliate them or to assert dominance. Psychopaths are often found in positions of imposture. They are attracted to certain vocations having great opportunity for exerting power such as politics, the law, or medicine.

Fearlessness Existentialism and Kubrick's Psychopaths The psychopath is remarkably free of both the psychological and physiological manifestations of anxiety[8]. They often pass lie detector tests as did Mark Hofmann , and are well known for their valor in war, risking their own lives, and often recklessly endangering their entire units and disobeying orders in the process. It is said that the decision often comes whether to award a man the Medal of Honor or to court-martial him, and the "Rambo" stories of former war heros in trouble with the law have basis in reality.

The famous psychopath, Aaron Burr, directly disobeyed the orders of his superior in winning a battle and fame during the American revolution. Another aspect of the fearlessness, is the obliviousness of the psychopath to punishment. Not only does the threat of future punishment have no power to deter him, but actual punishment does not reform him. Most psychiatrists consider psychopaths untreatable.

Irresponsibility, Insincerity, and Unreliability Existentialism and Kubrick's Psychopaths While the psychopath is charming and makes friends easily, those who come to rely upon him soon painfully find out that he has no sense of responsibility. Continually promises are made and broken without regard for the gravity of the consequences, for which the psychopath will then deny responsibility.

He can solemnly lie while looking the victim in the eye, showing no anxiety whatever. Impulsiveness Existentialism and Kubrick's Psychopaths The inability to restrain his impulses is what often leads to the downfall of the psychopath.

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While he theoretically knows what is considered proper behavior, and can even provide sage advice, it is in carrying out the actual process of living that the psychopath runs into trouble. There is a tendency toward continual excitement and stimulation. This impulsiveness may lead to a scandal or to the commission of a theft, rape, or other crime. It is this obliviousness to the consequences of risk taking that often leads to the uncovering of a "successful" psychopath who was previously well esconced as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, politician, or some other respected person in the community.

Etiology Prior to the past 30 years, psychiatry operated largely apart from the tools of modern biological investigation, and most theories of abnormal behavior were based on moral and later psychoanalytic notions, which largely were grounded in the belief that the individual was shaped by the environment. When it comes to explaining the psychopath, psychoanalytic theory has been speculative and not very credible[10,11], and recent investigators have turned to studies in genetics, electrophysiology, and language in an attempt to explain why such a constellation of character defects crops up so frequently and consistently.

Opinion now seems to favor a defect in the function of the brain, probably involving the non-dominant hemisphere which may well be innate. The Psychopath in Film That the psychopathic character often finds his way into films as well as other forms of literature is not surprising. The ambiguous mixture of strong emotions that are aroused in "normal" persons while examining such characters make them strange and fascinating subjects.

We are charmed by their craftiness and allow. We secretly admire their disrespect for convention and guiltless flaunting of rules and laws in a manner that we find almost impossible to do. We enjoy their brave exploits and fearlessness. While we fear their predatory nature, yet we find in them a mixture of beauty and danger.

The criminal psychopath is probably the most common form to appear in films.

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Notable examples of fictional criminal psychopaths in films are Michael Corleone in the Godfather films, Scarface in the De Palma version of that gangster film, and Dennis Hopper's character in Blue Velvet. Psychopaths may occur in a film with a moral heart to serve as a contrast to the upright protagonist Richard Rich vs. In Clockwork, we find ourselves listening to Alex's narration as he tells the story of his career.

In Alex, Kubrick has created a character who is simultaneously attractive and repellant. He is bright, witty, handsome, self-confident, brave plays "chicken" in motorcars , adventurous, splendidly fashionable in dress, lover of Beethoven, and has a highly developed esthetic sense which is demonstrated in the following narration describing the sensations of driving in the country at night:.

The Durango 95 purred away real horrorshow; a nice warm vibraty feeling all through your gutty-wuts. And soon it was trees and dark, my brothers, with real country dark. A small group of humans led by Agent Nicholl have been working to prevent the Endtime from ever coming to pass.

Together they will make their final stand. In the darkness, they will fight for the light. When the carnival came to Portstewart in the summer of , it was to change the life of Marie Stanton forever. Still barely a child herself, she became pregnant. Ostracized by her family and friends, she vows to raise the child herself, but the boy is not normal. He has unnatural powers that make him a danger to others. Through his childhood and teenage years his powers increase with his rage and torment. Nowadays his name is whispered in darkness, striking fear into those who would hurt the innocent.

Fear the night… for it belongs to him. Beware, the gathering darkness…. For the last ten years Kaaliz has been imprisoned in a Top Secret government facility, buried deep in the English Pennines. His jailers have been conducting experiments on the vampire, testing his pain and regenerative abilities to their limits, looking for weaknesses to help humankind fight the vampire scourge. Now, Kaaliz has a chance to escape. A chance not only to gain his freedom, but also to take bloody revenge on those who tortured him, and those who betrayed him.

Kaaliz is coming home. Xavier and Claire have been living a happy, ordinary life with their son. They thought the dark times were behind them. They are about to learn that the nightmare is far from over, and their son will be crucial in the days that lie ahead. The vampires will come for him.

The North Coast is about to be devastated once again as the vampires and humans make it their battleground. A small, disparate group will stand against the vampire threat, but this time there may be no stopping them. When dawn fades, evil gathers its legions. The police and media speculate on whether it is suicide, natural causes, or murder. Actually, none of those explanations are true. Stopdraggingthepanda — Legend Who Is It?

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Frank Prem — very local knowledge Frank Prem — maketh the man Karen Lynne Beads — Legend Frank Prem — at easter Designer Sophisticate — Hello, Cleveland! Hey, i appreciate you for including me and linking my post to this interview! Would also love to work with you whenever necessary! Good job with the interview btw. Pingback: A trilogy of awesome bloggers linked to my blog Ashtamisprime.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Hey there everyone. What else? A bat. What sort of research do you do to write your comic books? Why do you write? What inspired you to become a comic book writer? Save your money, so you can quit working and write full time. More sample artwork from Karl Vincent Vampire Hunter How do you spend your free time when you are not writing? Working, to pay my artist.

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