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Forty feet of Clay

Vetinari is successfully poisoned, making him severely ill.

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Meshugah, however, is "overloaded" by all the different instructions his creators gave him, and goes "mad": he starts overworking and, when he finishes raw materials, he rampages through the city. Afterwards, Vimes confronts the city's chief heraldry expert, a vampire, who instigated the whole affair.

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Dorfl arrests him despite tenuous evidence and Vimes burns down all the heraldic record as retribution against the "elite" and "noble" plotters, who had happily and self-righteously sacrificed the lives of several "commoners" in the pursuit of their scheme. In the end, Vetinari has recovered completely, Dorfl is sworn in as a Watchman, Vimes gets a pay rise, and the Watch House gets a new dartboard. Vetinari reveals to his assistant, Drumknott, that he had known of the plot for some time already.

Vimes' rash actions in the pursuit of truth had considerably scared the city elite, which is precisely why Vetinari had let him continue: so that the plotters would know just how much worse off they'd be if Vetinari died.


Sergeant Colan says Mrs Colon wants him to buy a farm, which in military slang means to be killed in action. The line where Vimes says "'Cheery, eh? Good to see the old naming traditions kept up. Vimes says, "'I want someone who can look at the ashtray and tell me what kind of cigars I smoke.

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Slab, the drug of choice among Trolls is mentioned with the line "Slab: Jus' say 'AarrghaarrghpleeassennononoUGH" which is a parallel to the American anti-drug campaign of 'Just say no'. There are several references to Britain's civil war, the regicide of Charles I and the Glorious Revolution of that followed the end of Cromwell's rule. Vimes's ancestor's side, the Ironheads are a combination of "Roundheads" and "Ironsides", two names for the Parliamentarian soldiers of Oliver Cromwell, clearly the model for "Old Stoneface" Vimes the Commander of the City Watch and regicide in In discussing poisoning methods, dribbling poison into the victim's ear is mentioned - the method used in Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet.

To which Cheery replies "That's awful. Cheery mentions the 'pet goat' in the slaughterhouse, to which Angua replies, "What? Oh, you mean the yudasgoat, It's not a pet. I suppose you could call it an employee.

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Andrew Leeds , Lindsey Kraft. Luigi Jannuzzi. Jason Milligan. Request license. Path Created with Sketch. Samuel French Feet of Clay. Jump to Section: Current Section Overview.

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Cast Size Cast Size 2m. Additional Info Two men sit out a rainstorm in a mountain cabin while their wives are out shopping. Vaughan confesses that he's got the hots for Clay's feet. Amorous Vaughan has money and horrified Clay is broke.

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Do his feet have a price? Accolades Winner! Reviews "Hilarious and well-written. Casting 2m. Resources Scripts. More Authors. View full profile. It was directed by True Blood 's Carrie Preston. The script was was shot as a short film, with the same director and produced by Daisy 3 Pictures. Now Playing. Community Experiences.