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Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. She is young, beautiful, classy--and she is shoplifting. In a moment of gallantry, Sharman saves her from the indignity of being caught. The next thing he knows Elizabeth Pike is his client. You are in my power now. So think about that and behave accordingly.

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Indeed, some have even suggested Beria literally murdered Stalin with poison. What we definitely do know is that Beria was openly elated when the dictator, venerated as a kind of fearsome god by the Soviet Union, succumbed to a cerebral haemorrhage in March In a word, he was a stronger character. But it was not to be. As the most generally accepted story goes, it was during a seemingly ordinary meeting in June that Khrushchev abruptly began accusing Beria of being a traitor to the Soviet Union and even a British spy.

As one account tells us, Beria was shocked and terrified by this ambush, with good reason. The end for Beria was near. He was imprisoned and eventually put on trial in December of that year for a number of heinous crimes, including treason and terrorism, with his role in the purges being highlighted. He was found guilty and sentenced to death, and — if the recollections of his executioner are to be believed — he did not meet his fate bravely. The evidence tells us that Beria was a monster.

Had he suddenly become a bleeding heart liberal? As he saw it, the prison system as impractical, expensive and counter-productive. And now that the paranoid, irrational Stalin was safely dead, he was able to enact the reforms he saw as necessary. This meant he could be brazenly brutal, but it also meant he could look at the facts coldly and make the right moves, without worrying about the abstract ideology of the state.

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Many years later he wrote, "Beria quickly heartened all work on the project with necessary scope and dynamism. This man, who personified evil in the country's modern history, possessed at the same time tremendous vigor and efficiency It was impossible not to admit his intellect, willpower, and purposefulness. This means that, if Beria had become leader, there would have been no Berlin Wall. He also expressed an interest in granting greater political freedom to Soviet satellite republics like Lithuania and Latvia, which would potentially have softened the divide between western Europe and the Eastern Bloc.

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  4. Far from the escalation of tension which occurred under Khrushchev — an escalation which would have the whole world holding its breath during the Cuban Missile Crisis of Some achieved great things which time forgot, whilst others came close to making their mark on this world but ultimately came up short. All of these people though have a reason to be remembered. Lavrentiy Beria: Evil Reformer? Related Features.

    Former prisoner Anton Antonov-Ovseyenko. Related Shows.

    How the ‘Great Paradox’ of American politics holds the secret to Trump’s success

    Beria with Stalin's daughter Svetlana. Stalin in the background. Embedded video.