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He was writing all the time, and little by little, he decided to devote himself to literature full time. The main preoccupation of his novels is a embrace of the existing French agrarian way of life and a protest against the emerging spirit of trade unionism and the naturalist school embodied by Emile Zola. There was a literary movement at the time in France that moved away from Zola's brutal realism to a more sympathetic analysis of motivation and Bazin was a part of it.

According to his obituary in the London Times, the critic and novelist Charles Le Goffic described his work as "a sort of great fresco of workaday France. His belief in the essential goodness of the French peasant culture extended to his own laborers, whom he treated with the utmost respect, and his Catholic view about poverty "a blessing in disguise".

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It was well received, and his novel Une tache d'encre, and his along with his first travel book, Sicile, received awards from the French Academy , where he was admitted as a member in Une tache d'encre is a traditionally constructed love story turning on the relative merits of country life versus city life. The most famous of his novels is La terre qui meurt, the story of a farming family living in the Vendean marshes, and how the lure of city life called young people away from the land. In all, Bazin was the author of about fifty volumes of fiction and travel literature.

Edmund Gosse praised Bazin's books in French Profiles noting the "pure and comfortable talent" exhibited in his "refined cheerful, and sentimental novels"—novels "that every girl may read. Lethielleux Paris, France , Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

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At the same time, he produced his own music on tape or accompanied himself on synthesizer. So at 33, he accepted the challenge and decided to make a symbolic return to his lucky song, even if it would have repercussions on his personal life. Listen to Life's direction. Stein "Life's direction".

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Music produced by Dany Brown. Stein, An artist, a voice, a story. Yeah - Stein.

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