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Protocols are necessary, of course, but they must be able to be fully implemented.

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Following is a response I posted re this earlier; it provides just an overview of the propotocls and safeguards in place at US AZA affiliated zoos. It is not possible for a private individual, in the USA, to duplicate this; colleagues in other countries assure me that this holds true elsewhere as well, but I have direst experience in only other countries. Best, Frank. An interesting read.

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I can certainly relate to the risks of housing the likes of rattlesnakes in mesh top enclosures. Around 20 years ago I witnessed one of our Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes Crotalus atrox hit the lid with sufficient force to expel venom and send it into my face. I did not get any venom in my eyes but it certainly served as a lesson as to the potential risks involved.


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Frank Indiviglio. John Taylor November 19, at pm.

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Frank Indiviglio November 19, at pm. Hello John, Thanks for your interest. John Taylor November 20, at pm. Frank Indiviglio November 20, at pm. Hello John, I greatly appreciate your being so gracious in your reply, thanks very much. Malik November 23, at pm. Hello, I have been an avid follower of your posts on this blog for quite some time now. Frank Indiviglio November 23, at pm.

Hello malik, Thanks very much for the kind words!

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An excellent suggestion, thank you. Best regards, Frank. Yasin Cakmak November 25, at am.

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Hello, I have been a venomous snake keeper for over 10 years and I am bite survivor. Cheers, Yasin. Frank Indiviglio November 25, at pm. Hello, Thanks for the interest and kind words, much appreciated.

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Paul Rowley November 29, at pm. Frank Indiviglio November 29, at pm. Doctor who traded pain pills for sex gets two years in pri This story has been shared , times. This story has been shared 46, times. View author archive Get author RSS feed. Name required.

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Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Dreaming of hitting a cobra means that you are unable to trust people in your life. You do have a lot of friends, but you don't know whom to trust. Dreaming of being wrapped by this vicious snake means that you feel trapped in your current situation. Most Common Cobra Dreams: Seeing yourself as a cobra - Such a dream means that you have a lot of creative energies revolving around you in your waking life. Killing a cobra - Such a dream means that you are killing your creative aspects and doing something that you really don't like in life.

Making love with a cobra - Such a dream means that you seek more from your sex life.