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Description The three Kravitz brothers are cursed. The curse is an avenging Martina, who marries each to be close enough to destroy them. The oldest is now in a wheelchair, the middle brother is in prison.

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Harry, the youngest, is the target of a hit man. Now she ruins Harry's reputation by seducing his managers, and putting the pictures on the net.

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Her perfect plan has put one Greek in prison, attempted to seduce a second, and accused another of homosexuality. Too late she learns they are all protected by the Greek Godfather known as "the Spider. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

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All went well until he killed her--or at least tried. He used her love. Just prior to the event, Booth pranked his cast by having their limo detour to Scarehouse Windsor, an actual haunted house attraction, which is showcased in the film. The cast were not allowed to attend the world premiere until each one was put through a hair-raising time as they screamed their way through the haunted hallways.

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The Scarehouse debuted this past Tuesday, January 13 th in the U. They lure their former sorority sisters into The Scarehouse.

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Once there, these despicable women will receive some of their own malicious medicine.