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Justice is blind. Sometimes there are no survivors. When an eminent public personality becomes involved, events lead down the path to tragedy, and John Sole stands alone against the evil. A far-reaching conspiracy… Then sickness spreads like wildfire and people start dying.

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The sword of justice… A secretive consortium, who will stop at nothing to silence all threats, searches for Hope. Can she escape or will the hunted become the hunter? But two years later, her body was found halfway between Traverse City and the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan. His punishment?

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The audit of a third-rate air base in the middle of God-knows-where. For all his forensic talents, they would have him count pencils. Now the former SAS operative wants revenge. Just how far will Julian go to protect the innocent? Will the truth bring Tess peace or shatter her? Wicked Girl by I. Olokita: Wicked Girl is no longer dull and comfortable text, but again, just like in my previous books a description of abnormal people in an unhealthy situation. It is a look by the eyes of people who, if I had not written about, would never have been touched by spotlights.

This is the glory of the most despised, Departed, neglected people of mankind. Kindle Camilla — The Power of Fate by Rose Fox: Follow the two devoted friends in a drama through rape and betrayal with its dire consequences. A fascinating novel. Ends with a tough twist.

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An unsuspecting Walt soon discovers that his duties include keeping an eye on the heirs who must complete some very specific tasks before claiming their inheritance. A ruthless and deadly enemy. This is the world of Jason Green. From the freezing grimy streets of London in February to the sun-kissed beaches of Cape Town and ultimately to the dark jungles of the spice island of Zanzibar. For those who like their action and violence in large doses, Gordon Wallis delivers tremendously….

As long as the narcissistic ninny stayed out of her hair, she paid him no mind. That is until his obsession with MLM got him killed. Deena and her new puppy Max are out to solve a murder before the killer frames Deena. Go back to in this vintage cozy mystery. That was before I found a corpse, before my dog saved my life… before I killed in cold blood. Because the world needs saving, and sometimes it takes a girl and her dog to do it.

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Kiki becomes a fighter, deftly turning a scrapbooking hobby into a career. An addictive collection: Join journalist Rebekka Franck as she crosses serial killers, psychopaths and other unimagined horrors in pursuit of justice. Fans of King and Koontz will devour this dark and twisty series. An unexpected second chance. Can a house with a twist help Katie find love and answers? After a career meltdown, attorney Katie Connell retreats to the island where her parents died.

Saving Grace is a hilarious romantic mystery. His personal life is looking up with a new boyfriend and investors to back his play, until tragedy and on-stage mayhem strike. It is believed a deceased voodoo priestess has cursed Belle Magnolia and its residents for what Wesley did. Madeline must prove it is not true. The more he gets to know the little girl and her family, the more Oscar slips into chaos.

Underwater scenes and travels through the lush flora of Cocos Island will take you on a journey packed with suspense. Albright: All over Dublin, witches are being murdered. The tone, the settings, even the voices make this a novel very much of London. This is not a world I inhabit, but having lived in Brixton and Camberwell for many years it has an authentic energy I recognize.

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  • The characters are very real. Their behavior and interaction is very recognizable.

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    Even their internal monologues are something we can all identify with. The interaction between Dani and her soldiers shows the level of hero worship a leader can attain, even if that leader is a Boi. We see the softer side of her soldiers when they are off duty with their women. Ellie has been running laughter sessions since March She is certified as laughter yoga leader. Set up by filmmakers to curate programmes of short films, a share of the surplus is directed back into queer filmmaking and for hard-to-reach queer audiences.

    Four programmes every year which will tour and be launched to a new online platform in Author — Sam Skyborne — Sam Skyborne pen name of Wollie Boehm is a storyteller — both a writer and an award winning filmmaker. She has an English degree, a masters in Artificial Intelligence and currently lives and loves in London. Sam has voraciously devoured stories all her life. But like many, she struggled to find books that sparked her imagination through more interesting female lead characters of substance, with whom she could identify.

    WE FOUND REAL GOLD TREASURE IN OUR SWIMMING POOL!!! Treasure X Challenge & Huge Gold Pinata Smash!

    So she decided to start writing her own. Her third novel, a gripping thriller set in Cape Town, is due out this spring. Her journey across London as a criminal lawyer and gang worker has brought her into contact with some of the most dangerous and some of the most vulnerable people in the capital. Echoes of this can be seen in the characters penned in the DANI series.

    The first book in the series, The Girl with the Treasure Chest was longlisted for the Polari first book prize, shortlisted for the Ultimate Planet awards and shortlisted for the Optimus cards Group literary prize for crime. The second book in the series is The Thirsty Stranger. An energetic and comedic poetic voyage.

    She frequently gigs in both London and Brighton. Poet Laureate Her work is widely performed and publicized in the UK. You never quite know what to expect when they take to the stage, other than the fact that they are guaranteed to show a bit of skin!

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    • She works in theatre, screen and audio around the UK and the world.