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God is not going to override your authority. He will let you die sick if you choose to do so. You would have to ignore every healing scripture in the Bible and all that Jesus bought for you when He bore your sicknesses and carried your diseases, but you have the authority to go ahead and die. God will not stop you. Use your authority and command your body to be healed in the Name of Jesus. When Kenneth Copeland was first starting out in ministry, he was under the mentorship of Oral Roberts.

One night, in the healing room after the service, they came to a woman who had cancer of the stomach. She was just the picture of death. Come out of her now!

How to Use Your Spiritual Authority in Any Situation

She instantly spit out that cancer on the floor. It was the size of a fist and had nasty-looking tentacles hanging off it. That same authority is on the inside of you right now. You can use it to heal yourself; you can use it to heal others—and you should. Be healed and made whole from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I take my healing! I am healed. In Mark , we see how Jesus handled demons when He drove them out of the demon-possessed man and into a herd of pigs.

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He used His authority—the same authority that has been given to us—to drive them out. Billye Brim shared a story in her book The Blood and the Glory, about something that happened to her son Chip and his three friends when they were living in a mobile home while attending college:. The doors and windows were open. Hairdryers and a toaster were on.

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The television and stereos were blasting. They thought it was someone playing a joke, but no one else had a key. One night, Chip was in his bedroom studying. Everyone else was in bed. He heard the front door slam and the whole mobile home shook. He and his friends ran out of there as fast as they could. Many other similar incidents took place that day. They ran to a pay phone and called Billye. She instructed them to take scriptures and cast out the demons with their authority. You need to know God has heard your prayer.

Our answer may have been delayed but it is never denied.

Having Victory over the Obstacles of Life - Open Bible Ministries of Tennessee

Your circumstances can change immediately. The one constant thing in our lives. It never changes and neither does our Heavenly Father. That is why you are not already utterly destroyed, for my mercy endures forever. While God and the Word will never change.

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  • He will free my people from Philistine oppression. Yes, I know all about their hard circumstances. By this time tomorrow. God is bringing a change to the nation of Israel. The people had wanted a king. Within twenty-four hours. Saul, of the tribe of Benjamin, met the prophet. In one day, he went from being a donkey herder to the King of Israel.

    Victory Over The Impossible

    Circumstances will come. That is faith. The Lord be with you all. The peace of God removes the worry over any and all circumstances. Your circumstances are temporary, but your character will last forever. Be happy regardless of your circumstances.

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    • First, God is on your side. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. The middle verse in the Old Testament is 2 Chronicles I believe God put it there for a purpose. Those who were the most popular in college and ended up with the most amazing internships. Some people seem to have an extraordinary ability and determination to succeed. Victory might as well be their middle name. Are you this person?

      I get that, but I need to warn you that there are two opponents you cannot beat. The name of these opponents are sin and death. The Bible tells us everyone has sinned, and that sin leads to death. Every one of us has an innate drive to push God aside and do what we want. Our sinful nature has a tendency to control us, and is impossible for us to maintain on our own. In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul makes an honest portrayal of his enslavement to his sinful nature.

      Sin is one enemy we cannot defeat by ourselves. God told Adam and Eve if they sinned, they would die, and the result of sin is the same today. We die. Someday I will die, and someday you will die. Death has been batting a thousand. The waves keep violently slamming against the boat. The vessel becomes overwhelmed and forces you to go flying into the ocean. Somehow, you have been able to keep your cell phone out of the water.

      Who will you call? What will you ask for?

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      Will you call your boss and ask for a raise because you could use a little extra money? Will you call that special someone and finally pop the question? When you realize you are in grave trouble, the only thing you can think is…who can save me? God is the answer.