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They hastily attempt to patch the hole with a sail, but by then the rice has expanded so much that the ship is breaking apart. A massive attempt to jettison the rice comes too late and Hornblower commands all hands to abandon ship. Hornblower's crew and the French prisoners are left at sea in an open boat.

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The captain of the recently sunk Marie Galante pleads with Hornblower to navigate to France and release him and his men, and promises safe passage for Hornblower and his crew. Hornblower promptly rejects the Captain's pleading in spite of their bleak situation and uses his pistols to prevent a mutiny. Not long afterwards, Hornblower and his crew are caught by a privateer named Pique which was converted from a slave ship. This ship is commanded by Captain Neuville.

Hornblower is now a prisoner of war, but Indefatigable falls in with them and makes chase. As Pique is the faster sailer, Hornblower devises a plan to slow her down: he sets a fire, which soon spreads to the very flammable paint locker. All hands are diverted to fighting the fire, which soon breaks out on the deck and spreads to the rigging, immediately slowing the vessel.

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The British ship ultimately overpowers Pique , extinguishes the fire and Captain Neuville and his crew surrender. Hornblower's fears of reprimand for losing Marie Galante are quickly extinguished by the offhanded dismissal of the incident by Captain Pellew. However, instead of taking credit for the fire, Hornblower claims there was a spontaneous combustion in the paint locker, as way of punishing himself for losing Marie Galante in the first place.

Upon returning to Indefatigable , Hornblower is involved with a mission planned by Captain Pellew to take the French corvette Papillon. Hornblower is set to command Indefatigable' s jolly boat. His job in the raid is to board Papillon after the other boats do, climb the mast and loose the main topsail so Papillon can sail out to meet Indefatigable. Before setting out, Hornblower practises his task on Indefatigable to try and calm his nerves.

Mr. Midshipman Hornblower

While reviewing his men prior to shoving off, a man named Hales mentions to Hornblower that he feels "a bit queer-like. Because of the necessity of silence, Hornblower strikes Hales with the tiller of his boat. On boarding the ship Hornblower and his men are frustrated by the absence of a footrope along the yardarm.

Hornblower's fear of heights and poor balance cause him to freeze, until he reminds himself that he acted decisively enough when laying out Hales; to withdraw now would be an act of extreme cowardice. Motivated by this act of emotional self-flagellation Hornblower runs unaided along the yardarm and looses the topsail.

During the fighting the jolly boat is lost, with Hales still aboard, but Papillon is taken as a prize of Indefatigable. Hornblower feels bad about the loss of Hales, without whom Hornblower believes he would never have found the courage to complete his task. Jackson claims that Hales would have never made a decent seaman anyway.

Given the success of their mission Hornblower realises the loss of the jolly boat will not be held against him, but still regrets the inevitable death of Hales. When Styles, a man in Hornblower's division, appears strangely marked with "boils" all over his face, Hornblower is suspicious. He gains a clue from Finch, another of his men, who suffers from delusions and claims that "God's in the maintop, but the Devil's in the cable tier, but only in the dog watches ". After thinking about what this means, Hornblower investigates the cable-tier in the dog-watch and discovers a group of men " rat fighting ".

Styles, with his hands tied behind his back, has to kill as many rats with his mouth as possible within a short time, while the others bet on the result. A horrified Hornblower orders them up on deck and threatens to report them. Later, in action against a French ship, Hornblower and Finch are firing a swivel gun from the mizzen-top when the mast is hit and begins to fall.

Hornblower persuades Finch to jump to safety by telling him to "get to God". The two men make a desperate jump to safety. Hornblower is ordered ashore with his seamen acting as gunners, and gains his first experience of land warfare and the horrors of the Revolution, including the guillotine.

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The expedition ends in failure and Hornblower escapes back to his ship, saddened, but philosophical. The Frogs are the French and the Lobsters are the red-coated British regiment landed to support them. Since Spain becomes officially neutral, the British ship of war is forced to leave. Spain has completed its turnaround and joined France in an alliance by the time Indefatigable is escorting a convoy through the Straits of Gibraltar. When the ships are becalmed, two Spanish galleys attack.

They are fought off by the British, and Hornblower leads the capture of one of them, which gains him promotion to Acting-Lieutenant. After Indefatigable comes into port at Gibraltar, Acting-Lieutenant Hornblower reports to Santa Barbara where he and others are to take their examination for lieutenant.

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When asked a question by one of the captains conducting the examination, Hornblower freezes up and is about fail when an alarm of cannon fire interrupts the examination; fire ships have been sent by the enemy in an attempt to destroy the British ships at Gibraltar. Hornblower and Captain Foster, one of the examining captains, take heroic action and prevent a disaster for the British, and jump in the water.

They are rescued by the crew of one the fire ships, themselves escaping in a small boat, but then a British guard boat captures them in return. Since the Spanish crew saved his and Hornblower's life, Foster orders that they be released. The examining board does not reassemble since Foster falls out with another examining captain, who had been standing by with a boat but failed to reach them before the Spanish crew.

Hornblower will need to wait for a later examining board.

The chapter ends with Foster, impressed by Hornblower's actions, telling Hornblower that, since the attack prevented him from failing the examination, he should "Be thankful for small mercies. Sign in. Horatio Hornblower begins his naval career, but a deadly feud with a despicable mate is causing complications. Midshipman Horatio Hornblower joins the British fleet just as the French Revolution is about to change European history. But he has worries closer to home as he incurs the wrath of a shipmate named Simpson, a bully who everyone else avoids and placates.

Events lead to a duel, but one of Hornblower's mates takes his place and is killed. At war with France, Hornblower and Simpson are assigned different ships, but are reunited when Simpson's ship is sunk. Events lead to another duel with different results. The famed fiction British naval hero is brought to life in the first of four tv movies.

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In this one, the young Hornblower Ioan Gruffudd gets his first ship where he has to overcome seasickness and a bully Dorian Healy , who is after him because his abilities far exceeds all of the others on board. In the end it leads to a duel - but not between Hornblower and the bully. Rather one of Hornblower's friends forcibly takes his place as he feels guilt for not dealing with the bully years before. Unfortunately, the duel does not go well and Hornblower must still eventually face down the man in a second duel.

He starts out seasick, and things go from bad to worse for him when senior Midshipman Simpson targets him for abuse until Horatio becomes suicidally-minded, and when Simpson accuses him of cheating at cards, Hornblower challenges him to a duel. But Clayton knocks Hornblower out, takes his place in the duel, and is shot. Before Horatio can do anything, war is declared, and he is transferred to the Indefatigable under Captain Pellew. Horatio gradually earns a place on his new ship and the respect of the men under his command, and Pellew even trusts him with a prize command.