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Years of it apparently. For every one stem I split correctly, I ruined three others. Pete also noticed the name of the maker stamped into my bill hook: Stanforth's SeverQuick. I hoped their claim referred to the hazel only and not my fingers. In the end I managed to complete a small hurdle, with a lot of help from Pete -. I don't know why I look so proud, it took me half a day to make that. With help. I think it looks pretty good. If my wrists and elbow joints ever recover, I might attempt a second one for the other bed.

These days hurdles are mainly purchased or commissioned as decorative garden fencing for fancier homes.

Shepherds moved their flocks constantly, to maximise grazing. As sheep moved and grazed, they gave birth to their lambs. The uprights have points on the bottom, to make them easier to push into the ground and sturdy once they're in. When the lambs got bigger and needed to eat grass, the hurdles were turned over. The gaps let the lambs out to graze and play, but kept the ewes contained. The ewe called her lamb to keep it close, and was on hand for food and warmth. When lambs were weaned and big enough to travel, the shepherds just picked up the hurdles and carried them on.

The shepherd could poke a pole through a stack of hurdles and carry them on his shoulder. Posted by Jennifer Montero at 12 comments:. Labels: Milkweed farm , sheep.

A community website for Shoreline Washington

Thursday, 19 August Meat Group! A little pricket roe buck, just what I was looking for. He's only a small chap but he should produce about 10 kgs of meat, which is 5 meals for hungry workers. It's a good start. He's hanging in the chiller, and I'll butcher him in a week when the meat has had some time to relax and mature. The little buck had the last laugh as I had to drag him a mile back to a track, where I could then pick him up with my truck. I was red in the face, sweating and puffing, even with frequent rest stops.

I had better work on my cardio and dragging technique before the next stalk. She knows a deer means liver for breakfast. No time to sit on my laurels. At least I won't get out of breath harvesting vegetables. Posted by Jennifer Montero at 15 comments:. Labels: deer.

Sunday, 15 August Preparations. Grouse season opened four days ago. Partridge season opens on the 1 September. We start shooting one month from today. Basic preparations are underway. This morning I've "tested" and bottled our sloe gin and cherry brandy from last year -. Workers' provisions. It needs a few days to hang in the chiller, and I need to butcher it and bag it by the end of the month.

Rabbits, pheasant, and partridge will do the rest. If I give them enough of the sloe gin and cherry brandy to drink, they won't care what's for lunch. The swallow chicks have fledged. The nest is empty this morning.

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The early mornings feel autumnal. There's a good crop of field mushrooms in the horse paddock, and I harvest them every morning when I feed Kitty and Alan. There are tomatoes slow-cooking in the oven, and cucumbers in salt which I'll turn into pickles this evening. I plyed another skein of wool so I can finish the sweater I'm knitting - another rustic number, warm and functional. This skein includes wool from our own sheep -. It's hanging in the apple tree to dry. A bit of weight from my shepherd's crook helps to set the twist in the fibres.

I'll work on the sweater tonight while Mike and I sit outside in front of the open fire and enjoy the last warm summer evenings, and hopefully some meteor showers. The chickens are clearing up the windfalls already. Just as I can't bear to eat any more zucchini bread, we'll be on to apple cake. Change is a good thing. Posted by Jennifer Montero at 13 comments:.

Thursday, 12 August One swallow alone does not make the summer.

Adopting Another Kitten!!!

A few weeks ago I posted that we had some unexpected but welcome visitors. A pair of swallows built a nest above our front door. We started using the side door so we wouldn't disturb them. Out of sight and out of mind, I'd forgot all about them. As I closed up the chicken houses last night I heard chicks peeping.

Where the hell is that coming from? Then I remembered the nest. The by-product of swallows nesting above your front door. But it's a small price to pay. And what's a bit more bird poop around this place anyway? Posted by Jennifer Montero at 7 comments:. Labels: estate life.

My husband is unique. And still a bit caveman-like. I love those things about him.

Tips for the First 30 Days of Cat Adoption

They both surprise me and drive me crazy sometimes. He grew up in a small cornish village, and on Dartmoor. He was a commercial fisherman in his teens, to earn money to go to gamekeeping college. Since then he's pretty much lived in the woods. He's 45 next week. I was a typical American teenager, going to the movies and hanging out at the mall. I had a job as a waitress, and I was a cheerleader. Of course I've seen Star Wars, and been to an amusement park, and used the metro in lots of cities. That's all part of the average American experience.

Not Mike. There's nothing average about him. And it's shaped the way he views the world. He doesn't see distinctions between people. Celebrity means nothing to him. We meet the third Tuesday of every month at pm. Happy reading, Sara. Set in stone Contemplating the Arc - all wrapped up! The artist, Stuart Nakamura with his work in the background. Is he 'contemplating the arc' in this photo? The ribbon cutting. It turns out that those big ceremonial scissors are actually capable of cutting! The Celebrate Shoreline festivities included a vintage auto show on Saturday August 16th, Click the photo or the link below to see more photos from the event.

If you don't have to see movies on opening night, and are fed up with paying ten bucks or more to see a first-run film, you probably love it too. That's less than it usually costs to rent a DVD, and even though the screens are smaller than many other theaters, they're most likely larger than the one in your living room. I was with a friend on Friday evening, watching one of those less-known films, Mongol , at the Crest loved it, by the way. It wasn't more than five minutes until it started up again, but in that time, the audience remained good-natured, joking about the film and chatting patiently.

I even got a picture of the blackened film: It was so funny to see that instead of getting mad, people actually seemed to be enjoying themselves even more. People talked with the folks seated near them, and after a moment, a couple of the guys working at the theater came out and started talking to the audience. They told us that the film would be fixed in just a few minutes, and answered questions about how the projectors worked and why this had happened. Then the conversation veered off into the current Olympic topic: Michael Phelps and whether he'd win his 8th gold medal.

Instead of an angry, impatient crowd, the Crest staff turned a tough moment into a little bit of Shoreline community building. It wasn't too long before the film was underway again, and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. And I recommend the good old Crest, too. Link to the Crest Theater site and showtimes. If so, blame the lightening that hit a northeast Seattle area transformer. That area, as well as a large part of Shoreline, lost power after the strike at about in the morning. Did your power go out? Or maybe you just heard the storm as it passed?

You can talk about it in the comments section, below! Take a deep breath. Shoreline has been under a smog watch since last Thursday. The very first element of the Celebrate Shoreline parade. After all, what says 'Shoreline' more than bagpipes!? And this was the second thing in the parade, right after the piper. The rest of these photos are in to particular order What did you think? Who needs the Olympics? Here are some photos and videos I took at the event. These kids were flying all over the place! Some of them were quite young they had a category for 12 and under , but really adept at skating.

It was fun to watch. People who are especially sensitive to pollution are advised to limit their time outdoors. Even healthy individuals should consider limiting their outdoor exercise, or plan to work out indoors. The weather pattern from now through Saturday night will result in ozone pollution rising to unhealthy levels. The Smog Watch will be cancelled at noon Sunday unless high temperatures and poor air quality persist.

The Department of Health reminds people with asthma and parents of children with asthma to limit outdoor activities during hazy, sunny, hot weather when ozone levels are high. Adults with lung and cardiovascular diseases heart disease and stroke should also be mindful of poor air quality. With a new, more stringent air quality standard for ozone, it will be difficult for our region to stay in compliance with the federal standard. Exposure to ground-level ozone can reduce lung function, cause respiratory irritation, aggravate asthma symptoms, and weaken the immune system.

Ozone has environmental impacts as well; studies show that ozone can damage agricultural crops and forests. To learn more about smog and what you can to lessen the pollution leading up to it, visit www. Check air-quality forecasts and current conditions at www. Nestled on a quiet suburban Shoreline street, you will find Whisker City, a little haven for neglected and abused cats.

Founded by auctioneer April Brown, Whisker City has been finding homes for cats for 17 years. The WOW bus, filled with up to 22 kitties at a time, parks in front of pet stores and other businesses, and invites folks in to see the potential adoptees. A non-profit, all-volunteer organization, Whisker City places hundreds of cats in new homes every year. They take overflow from other shelters, and provide life-long homes for cats that can't be adopted. Recently, thanks to a grant from Maddie's Fund , a pet rescue foundation, and annual fundraiser The Sacred Cat Ball , Whisker City was able to buy a new WOW bus, and they're now looking to hire a driver for the bus, five days a week.

Visit their website for more information about the job. And if you'd like to donate time, money or supplies to help the cats, they'd be more than welcome! Volunteers are needed for these tasks: The Sacred Cat Ball Dinner Auction April 18, Lynnwood Convention Center Cleaning at the shelter hours per week-any day from Shooting Video of the cats and kittens Taking pictures of the cats and kittens Maintaining the Whisker City PetFinder site Grooming Cats Foster care Playing with Cats and Kittens Sewing Pet Beds 24" X 24" fleece pads Gardening and maintaining property Writing short articles for the newsletter about our adopters and cats Helping to create alliances with businesses for ongoing financial support If you'd like to help with any of these things, please contact April — you can email her via this form on the Whisker City website, or by callin g I think that playing with cats and kittens sounds like a particularly fun way to help!

Link to: Whisker City's website Link to: the cats currently available for adoption from Whisker City, on Petfinder Link to: information about the yearly Sacred Cat Ball fundraiser auction the next one will be April of Saturday, August 30, Shoreline's Latino flavored Labels: , Shoreline. Puffball mushrooms at Cromwell Park. Labels: cromwell park , mushrooms , parks , puffballs , Shoreline. Friday, August 29, Flyers about "Ringling Creulty".

Labels: circus , flyer , Shoreline. Dudley Manlove Quartet photo is from their MySpace page. Labels: concert , events , library , music , richmond beach , Shoreline. Click the flyer to see a larger version. Labels: parks , ronald bog , Shoreline. From the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council website: The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in , seeks an original graphic design for a new logo to be used on all marketing and collateral materials, such as posters, newsletters, letterhead stationery, etc.

Labels: arts , Shoreline. Link to: more photos of the Shoreline segment of the Interurban Trail.

Bringing home a new cat | Animal Humane Society

Link to: all posts about The Interurban Trail. Labels: interurban trail , Shoreline. Saturday, August 23, For summer: Free walking map of Shoreline. Labels: map , Shoreline , walking. Labels: public art , Shoreline. Labels: ballinger , events , Shoreline. Wednesday, August 20, Free concert tonight at Richmond Beach library. When: Wednesday, August 20th , pm.

How much: Free. Labels: concert , events , library , music , Shoreline. Tuesday, August 19, Bookgroups in Shoreline. Labels: bookgroups , books , library , Shoreline. Set in stone. Contemplating the Arc - all wrapped up! Detail of 'Contemplating the Arc'.