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The literalization of the story for streaming-series purposes is encapsulated in the new opening, a long, expository chase scene that was a brief flashback in the film. The series is filled with all the things that Wright, in the film, proved the story could do without. Creed-Miles, by comparison, is, well, a good soldier. Yasmin Monet Prince, a striking British actress with a very short list of screen credits, turns up as a character you wish had been around for the previous six hours.

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Read more. The story takes place in s Alaska amidst a changing country — Patty Hearst has been kidnapped, the U. Join the Conversation. Kristin Hannah. Likes: Shares: 37 Comments: Comment on Facebook Gods Grace! That is definitely a WOW moment! What an amazing sight! And so much more because you captured a pic!

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Beautiful, lucky you. May God bless America! Golden eagle? Awesome photo There are no coincidences.

That is awesome. What a fortunate photo!! How spectacular! Give Mike and Norman a chance to step up to the plate. As it stands right now, everyone's buzzing about the fact that their hearts are broken. If both of them are in the wedding party, it'll put all those wagging tongues to rest. Believe you me, they'll jump at the chance to do that! Of course they're disappointed that you didn't choose one of them, but they'll do the right thing if you ask them.

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Hannah thought about that for a moment. Norman and Mike did like Ross.

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The three men were friends. And she knew that Ross liked Mike and Norman. If she'd said she wanted a big wedding and asked Ross to choose two men to be groomsmen, he would probably have chosen Mike and Norman. Grandma Knudson was waiting for an answer, and Hannah hedged a little. I called Ross at work and he said it was fine with him if that was what you wanted. And Mike and Norman are definitely on board. I double-checked with them right afterwards. And both of them told me that they'll accept if you ask them. Hannah gave a little groan.

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She'd been railroaded, but Grandma Knudson had a point she couldn't ignore. If everyone in town was gossiping about her and Hal had even set up a betting pool, she had to do something to turn things around. And then she remembered what Grandma Knudson had said. Was that someone you? With a burst of lightning clarity, Hannah saw the whole picture. Her eyes narrowed and she faced the matriarch of the church squarely.

Is that right? That's why she asked me to talk to you about it. And I did.

Your mother, Andrea, and Michelle are already working out the details of your wedding. Delores and the girls have everything organized, but nothing's been firmed up yet. All they need is for you to give them the go-ahead.

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She's absolutely certain that everything will be ready so that you can get married, have a reception at the Lake Eden Inn, and leave for New York the next morning. And you don't have to do any wedding planning. Your sisters and Delores are completely prepared to arrange everything. Again, Hannah was silent. She didn't like the idea of turning everything over to her mother and sisters, but it seemed like the only reasonable option since she'd made such a mess of it on her own.

Your mother has already consulted with Claire at Beau Monde, and Claire has ordered more than a half-dozen gowns for your approval. When they come in, Claire will let you know so that you can run next door to try them on. All you have to do is choose the one you want to wear and Claire will do any alterations you might need. Hannah gave a slight smile.

At least they were letting her choose her own wedding gown! And it was true that she didn't have time to organize a big wedding. The nightmare of trying to arrange Delores's wedding was still fresh in her mind. There was no way she wanted to get involved in a morass like that again, but she was the bride and it was a bit disconcerting not to be involved in any of the planning. Hannah's sarcastic nature kicked in, and the question popped out of her mouth before she could exercise restraint. Grandma Knudson burst into laughter.

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Not even your mother could accomplish a wedding without a groom. If you're not, we can try to come up with something else that'll work.